NEW PATTERN: Urban Planner Beanie!

Ask and you shall receive. The pattern for Urban Planner, the knit version of my Urban Jungle hat, is now up for your knitting enjoyment at Get it while it’s hot!


4 Responses to “NEW PATTERN: Urban Planner Beanie!”

  1. Corin

    So excited about this. I Love the Urban Jungle hat but can’t crochet. Although that hat was cute enough to convince me to learn how to crochet, this will be way easier! Thank you!!

  2. Emily

    I love both of these hats and love how you made patterns for both crochet and knit. I personally am a crocheter and was wondering if you could convert the “simple shrug” knit pattern on the free projects page on into a crochet pattern for all the crochet gals out there. I think this shrug is so pretty especially with the shadows collection yarn. Thank you!

  3. Anonymous

    I only see a crochet version of the hat, how do I find the knitting version?