NEW PATTERN: Scardey Cat Cardigan!

scardey cat cardi
As Halloween approaches, what cute little kitten doesn’t need a Scaredy Cat Cardi?

Bernat Sheep(ish) by Vickie Howell (70% Acrylic/ 30% Wool; 167 yds/153 m), in colors: A) 1(1,2) balls, Black(ish), and B) 1 ball, White(ish)
Size US 7 (4.5 mm) circular needle, 24”/60cm long — or size needed to obtain gauge
Size US 8 (5 mm) circular needle, 24/60cm long — or size needed to obtain gauge
Set of size US 8 (5 mm) dpns — or size needed to obtain gauge
4, Stitch markers
Tapestry needle
6, 3/4” buttons
Coordinating Needle & Thread

2, 4, 6

Chest 21”, 23”, 25”/53.5, 58.5 63.5 cm
Length 15”, 16”, 17”/ 38, 40.5, 43 cm

18 sts x 22 rows = 4”/10 cm in Stockinette Stitch, using larger needle

With smaller circ needle and A, CO 46, 54, 64 sts. Do not join..
Rows 1-6: Knit.

Switch to larger circ needle.
Row 7: K 8(9, 11) [right front], pm, k 7(9,10) [sleeve #1], pm, k 16(18, 22) [back], pm, k 7(9,10) [sleeve #2], pm, k 8(9, 11) [left front].– 46, 54, 64 sts.

Row 8: Purl
Join B.

Row 9: *K to one st before marker, yo, k1, sl marker, k1, yo (creates eyelet increases); repeat from * three times more, k to end. — 54, 62, 72 sts

Row 10: Purl.
Switch to A.

Rows 11-12: Repeat Rows 9-10. — 62, 70, 80 sts

Maintaining est 2 x 2 row stripe pattern, repeat Rows 9-10, 14 times more. — 174,182,192 sts

Next RS Row: Maintaining stripe pattern, k 24(25, 27), *remove sleeve markers while placing 39(41, 42) sleeve sts on waste yarn, knit (creating sleeve hole) the next st and across to 3rd marker*; repeat from * to *, k to end. — 96, 100,108 sts

Next Row: Purl.

Continue working in est stripe pattern until piece measure 8”, 9”, 9 1/2”/20.5, 23, 24 cm from under arms.
Switch to smaller circ needle and A.

Rows 1-8: Knit.


Carefully remove waste yarn and place sts of one sleeve evenly on dpns; using next color in est stripe pattern, pu 2 sts at under arm.
You’ll now be working in rnds.
Rnds 1-4: Maintaining stripe pattern, knit.

Rnds 1-6: With A, *K2, p2 repeat from * around.
BO in pattern st.

Repeat for second sleeve.

Right Button Band:
With larger circ needle, A, and RS facing, PU 65(69, 74) sts along right side of front edge.

Rows 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9: Knit.

Row 6 (RS): Knit, while evenly spacing 6 buttonholes as follows: wyif, sl next st purlwise; wyib (this will wrap that first, sl st), *sl next st, pass the 1st sl st over; repeat from * twice more. Sl the rem st on the RH needle to the LH needle; turn work. With the WS facing and using the cable cast-on, CO 3 sts; before placing the last st on the LH needle, bring yarn in front, then place st; turn work. Sl the next st knitwise, and pass the last CO st over it. Buttonhole made.

BO on WS.

Left Button Band:
Work same as for Right Button Band, except for replacing the buttonhole row with a plain knit.

scardey cat3


With larger circ needle and A, CO 6 sts.
Rows 1-2: Knit.
Row 3: K1, kf&b, k to 2 sts before end, kf&b, k1. — 8 sts
Rows 4-6: Knit.
Row 7: Repeat Row 3. — 10 sts
Rows 8-10: Knit.
Row 11: Repeat Row 3. — 12 sts
Rows 12-16: Knit.

Row 1: K 4; turn.
Rows 2-4: K 4.
Row 5: K2togtbl, k2tog, pass 2nd st over 1st to BO.
Rejoin yarn.
BO center 4 sts.
Repeat Ear Rows 1-5 on last 4 sts.

Using tapestry needle and scraps of yarn, embroider cat whiskers and eyes onto pockets; sew onto sweater body.
Weave in ends. Block if necessary.

Sew on buttons to correspond with buttonholes.


Scaredy Cat 2

4 Responses to “NEW PATTERN: Scardey Cat Cardigan!”

  1. Jill Niemiec

    Your model looks like someone put you in a time machine. She has to be your baby!

  2. Ashley

    I Love Your Patterns! I Love That Your Patterns Are So Original, And I Can’t Wait To Make This For My Little Girl. Thank You For Sharing.