New Cotton-ish Free Pattern: Beanie There, Done (T)hat

If your guy’s like mine, beanies are just for cold weather! What hot-blooded male wants to wear wool though, in the middle of summer? Well sirs, I’ve got your covered! Check out my latest crochet design for dudes, a slouchy beanie made out of light and drapey, Bernat Cotton-ish by Vickie Howell yarn: Beanie There, Done (T)hat. (You know I’m never going to stop with the bad puns, right?)
Get the free pattern here! Oh, and if you’re reading this post during July 2013, then you can get 25% off your Cotton-ish purchase on Bernat.com, using code: BERNATSELECT13.
Psst…pass it on!

15 Responses to “New Cotton-ish Free Pattern: Beanie There, Done (T)hat”

  1. suzanna

    I can’t seem to get the pattern for this hat. please email me that pattern

  2. Mary

    Thanks for this hat pattern. I just completed it for my adult son and it turned out great and was fast!!
    Thanks you!!

  3. Dani

    I can’t find the pattern for this hat and I really wanted to make it for my partners birthday, please can you email me this? Thanks

  4. Stephanie

    The pattern isn’t showing up when I click the link. Is there a way to get it still? Thanks! 🙂

  5. Brandi

    I can’t get the pattern to come up. Anyway you could email it to me? Thanks

  6. Lourenza Goertz

    My son has asked me to please make this beanie for him for Christmas but I can’t find the pattern on any of the links. Can anyone help me please

  7. Ana

    the link did not work =( can ypu email me the patterns please?

  8. Zalei

    the round that has the dcfp and dcbp – about how many rows is that (+/-)