New Booklet! Top 10 Crocheted Cowls

Top 10 Cowls cvrCover: Ribson Girl Cowl (Yarn: Sheep(ish) Stripes)

The chilly weather seems to be here to stay for a bit longer, so why stop making cowls now? The newest booklet from my series is out now in JoAnn Stores: Top 10 Crocheted Cowls. Easily add a bright spot to your Winter wardrobe with one of these quick and cool cowls! xx, Vickie

Top 10 Cowl collage1Clockwise: Summering Cowl (Yarn: Cotton-ish), Rainbow Night (Yarn: Sheep(ish)),
Netfix (Yarn: Sheep(ish)

TriangleFrench-034Grandana (Yarn Sheep(ish) Stripes)

Top 10 Cowl collage2Clockwise: Navy Daisy, Marmalade, Sun Kissed, and Boho Cowls
(Yarn for all: Sheep(ish) OR Sheep(ish) Stripes)



11 Responses to “New Booklet! Top 10 Crocheted Cowls”

  1. Pat Empson

    Is this going to be available for purchase as an ebook download? It looks like a book I need to have!

  2. Devora

    The cowls look great. I’d love to try them. I went to my local JoAnns today. They only have the hat book. I love that book,and I am looking forward to the Kids hat book and the cowl book. Are they available on line?

  3. Millie LaPierre

    Is there any way to order this book? (Top 10 crocheted Cowls) I have checked two different JoAnn stores and they don’t have it.

    • Vickie Howell

      The booklet’s exclusive to JoAnn until June, then it’ll be available on Amazon and Go-crafty.com. 🙂

      • Sharon

        Help! Finding mistakes in the sun kissed pattern and grandana pattern. Haven’t tried any others yet, but bought several skeins of your yarn to make the cowls in this booklet. Please post corrections. Thanks.

  4. Donna smith

    Hello, I can’t seem to get the twin cluster figured out on the Sun Kissed pattern. Round 5 of the body, the TC instructions are where I’m stuck! Any suggestions or you tube video I could watch?

  5. Sheila

    I bought this booklet and am stuck on round 5. Directions do not match up to round 4. Please help. I have sent to emails to gocrafty.com and still no response.

  6. Sheila

    I bought this booklet and am stuck. Directions for round 5 do not match round 4. I have sent two emails to gocrafty.com and no reply. Please help.

      • Lisa Cowles

        It is the sun kissed cowl. Round five directions do not work with round four. Also the directions for the twin cluster are not working

  7. june lay

    please post corrections for the summering cowl in the top 10 crocheted cowls. it says to chain 132 and single crochet in every chain and it will be 95 single crochets.which is it. 132 or 95