New Bag + New Shawl

Cezanne Bag, by Jordana Paige
Last January Jordana Paige sent me the latest addition to her fantastic line of knitting bags, this one called: Cezanne. I was so enamored with the on-trend oxblood red, the plentiful pocket arrangement and the accessory pouches that I decided to honor Cezanne by filling it up with supplies for a non-work related project. Frivolous stitching is not something I see much of these days, but this bag deserved the honor of holding what to me is one of life’s most precious things: the tools for free-time enjoyment.
Cezanne filled to the brim with supplies to make the Tiamat Shawl, by Shannon Mullet-Bowlsby
As it goes with good intentions, I started of my homage with focused dedication. See below: my metallic yarn and hook had been put to work — they even rested nicely next to coffee served in a 1950’s cup and saucer from the set my dad sent back from the war. (Lacework of any kind equals fanciness and thusly deserves to be in the company of fine China. Duh.)

Alas though, life happens. Work projects call and just-for-fun projects are set aside. So, for 6 months my new bag and shawl-to-be hung out together next to my office desk. Waiting.

Until a couple of weeks ago.

I’m happy to report that finally, I’ve actually finished a garment created for no other purpose than my own happiness! It’s a small victory, but one I will wear with pride (as soon as the Texas heat subsides). Isnt’ she purty? (Shannon did a great job with his design and the pattern was really well written, too!)

In short, it may not epitomize “zen”, but the right supplies, some time to yourself and a few stitches can really make a difference in a busy person’s life. Well, at least it did in mine.

You can nab a Cezanne bag here and the pattern for the Tiamat shawl here.


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  1. jo ann meyer

    Trying to complete a tri-light scarf. Having problems understanding edging. Please explain the line where it says to knit to marker. What marker?