The little book that could–my crochet project that was put into works 3 years ago, then put on hold, then switched to different management–Pop Goes Crochet (formerly Catwalk Crochet) is FINALLY, semi-nearing completion with a publishing date of Spring ’09.  We wanted this book to still be fresh and relevant, even so long after it’s conception, so the theme has changed a bit. Instead of focusing on the already well-covered fashion aspect, my book will play with the role pop culture has had in the evolution of crochet style.  You know how I loves me the pop culture, so I’m really excited about this new angle!  
I leave for Asheville, NC (where the publishing offices are) tomorrow to begin styling and photography.  Since I’ve had 1 book (Knit Aid) come out and begun writing 2 more (Eco-Stitch and Craft Corps) since Pop Goes Crochet, I feel really disconnected from it.  I’m really looking forward to diving back into it for the next few days.  I’ll try and remember to take a few candids of the shoot to share when I get back.
That said, I probably won’t be posting much, if at all, next week.  I will however, be checking in all quick-like at Craft Gossip.  If you haven’t read my last few posts on new goodies and happenings in the knitting world, be sure to stop on by!
While I’m gone, please take the time to submit a profile for Craft Corps.  I’m thrilled that I’ve already received a ton of e-mails, but I want to make sure to have a wide variety of ages, backgrounds, crafting levels and genres represented in the finished product.  I’m so excited to be working on something that I can include everyone from sculptors, to collage artists, to needle pointers in.  Please make sure to pass yesterday’s post along to every crafty person you know! 🙂
Speaking of CC, a HUGE community shout out to the below ladies for helping to spread the word on their blogs:

Claudine Helmuth

Have a great week, everyone!
xo, Vickie

5 Responses to “NC & CC”

  1. tara

    Hey, I’m not far from Asheville! If you need tips on the yarn stores, chocolatiers (hint: the one across from Earth Guild is fabulous) or coffee shops (Misanthrops is a great indie bookstore with great coffee art) or if you’d like to meet some knitsters (or sheep farmers!) give me a holler: (BlondeChickenBoutiqueATyahooDOTcome)

  2. Sew Bettie

    Just wanted to say that I just found your website and podcast archive. I listened to the whole first season today while I’ve been sewing up a storm!

  3. Carrie Penny

    Make sure you enjoy Asheville it is a wonderful place! A lot of inspiration in that area too, we just came back from that area and I found a lot of things I wanted to incorperate into my crafts!