Naughty Book Love

Good afternoon, my pretties! I’ve uploaded a craft-load of pictures to my Flickr account including: projects of home decor past, magazine garments, previews of upcoming Lifetime Crafted segments, misc. sewing adventures AND, some sneak peek shots of my book, Pop Goes Crochet from Day 1 of the photo shoot.  

Bored? Listless? Looking for a way to put-off doing any actual work? Well please, let me enable you–check out my Flickr pool here.

I forgot how much I enjoy being a part of the creative process that takes place behind the camera.  I had so much fun working on this with the Lark people–shopping for styling elements, consulting on hair and make-up, creating characters.  The photography is just one layer of what we’ve got planned for the look though, so hopefully all of the pieces will come together the way myself, the editors and the art director have envisioned!
I know a book that already turned out amazingly, though!  My C/F/F (crafty friend forever), Jennifer Perkins’ delightful baubles romp: The Naughty Secretary Club: The Working Girl’s Guide to Handmade Jewelry is now out on shelves!

This book is a hard copy embodiment of my favorite “Jen P.” qualities: It’s kitschy, cool, creative and totally unique.  I’m so proud of my girl!  

Here’s a summary of what what’s inside:

The Naughty Secretary Club is packed with more than 50 kitschy-secretary-themed jewelry projects, plus lots of quirky sidebars covering hot topics such as office romance and the best secretary theme songs to listen to on your lunch break. You’ll learn how to use your office supplies in a whole new way – did you know standard office fare, like binder folders and shredded junk mail, makes craftalicious jewelry? Plus, author Jennifer Perkins will teach you how to turn almost anything into a charm, including plastic gnome cake toppers, doll furniture and cast-off hotel keys.

Whatever your day job, you can be a Naughty Secretary in spirit – and in style. So cancel your afternoon meetings, take a break from watching the clock and send yourself a memo to whip up a new paperclip necklace just in time for happy hour!

…And speaking of happy hour, join Jen (and the rest of the Austin Craft Mafia) to celebrate the launch of the NSC book, at Craft-O-Rama on August 30th at 3pm.  CRAFT Magazine will be there too to kick off their 8th issue, so you definitely won’t wanna miss it!
Can’t make it to the party?  No worries–you can order your signed copy now from  Oh but wait, there’s more!  If you snag your copy before the end of August, you get 25% off your entire NSC order (includes jewelry, people!)  Just enter the word BOOK in the coupon field.
Craft.  Rock.  Accessorize.
xo, Vickie

6 Responses to “Naughty Book Love”

  1. Jaime

    you ladies are all so amazing!

    i love how the i’s all have bubble dots. instant transport to jr high. 🙂

    in other news–nothing like waiting till the last minute. just sent in my profile for craft corps. good thing cell phones have reminders–or i’d have missed it!

  2. Karen L.

    Vickie, Did not know how else to send you a thank you for the book I received today. I won it from your first (I think) podcast on the interview with Drew the Crochet Dude. What a nice surprise that was when I went out to get the mail. Thanks so much and keep up the wonderful work you do. I am a new to knitting person (I usually crochet) so I think I will need to buy your new knitting book as it sounds like it has all the information I could ever need and it got great reviews. Good luck with the soon to be published book.

  3. 1knittychick

    Can’t wait til I can pick this book up. By the way, VH, just received KnitAid and I LOVE IT! Read thru it last night while my son practice football (watched him scrimmage and read while he rested!)

  4. Beka

    When is your new book coming out? I seriously can’t wait for all of your awesome crochet projects!!!