My New Blog & Tiny Hatter Party on LarkCrafts.com!

Beginning today, I’ll be blogging every Thurday on the new, Lark Crafts website! Lark is the publisher who put out my books, Pop Goes Crochet, AwareKnits and Craft Corps–the 3 I’m most proud of–so I was thrilled when they asked me to be a part of their new, creative venture.
This week I share the details on how to create a Tiny Hatter Party like the one we put together for my daughter and her friend. Take a look, wontcha?
Clover, modeling her tiny hat.
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One Response to “My New Blog & Tiny Hatter Party on LarkCrafts.com!”

  1. Evelyn

    ms howell,
    i am a fan of you and you cratf.I have learned a lot in you shows, thank you. But I have a question were can I would like to know where i can buy a ring like you have is sterling designed with about 9 sterling beads. You have worn it several times in your show and i love it and wanted.
    please help me find one like it am size 8.
    thank you much
    a great fan that misses you show and is washing recordings of your show that i recorded