Movie Mondays: Up

Over the weekend I finally got to see Up, delightful not only for it’s touching storyline but also, because of its inclusion of stitched decor!

Carl as a kid, wearing a Stockinette Stitch Vest

Triple Crochet Doily

Bonus! For you quilters out there: a simple, pathwork blanket.

Recommended Stitching:
Daddy-O Vest
Crochet Today’s Retro Doily Coasters, by Joyce Nordstrom

Happy viewing; happy stitching!


3 Responses to “Movie Mondays: Up”

  1. lovetoknit

    I too loved this movie!! Way better then i expected it to be..great story line, made you feel like love like that could really happen!
    Too cute too that you noticed the vests etc!!