Movie Monday: Zombieland

If you dig zombies and are looking for a good time in the movie department, check out 2009’s Zombieland. It’s got blood; it’s got laughs; it’s got knitwear!

Abigail Breslin as “Little Rock”, wearing a super slouchy, Ribbed Beanie

Woody Harrelson as “Tallahassee”, wearing and earth-toned striped, Knit Beanie

Recommended Knitting:
Shady Beanie (by me for Caron). Hey, ladies–Knit the men’s size for a slouchy look!
Simple Souchy Beanie by Coco Knits
Oliver Beanie, by Amy Anderson
Caron’s Cabled Beret, by Marilyn Losee
Happy viewing; happy stitching!

One Response to “Movie Monday: Zombieland”

  1. pam

    Last week on American Idol Crystal Bowersox was wearing a large knitted tam. Did anyone else catch that?!