Movie Monday: White Oleander

I just re-watched 2002’s White Oleander. Although they had to cut a large portion of the story out Janet Finch’s novel (one of my favorites) to be able to tell it within the constraints of a 2-hour film, it’s still a great film adaptation.
Notice the role that yarn wear played in setting the scene of a teenager living (and escaping from) a foster facility and clinging to whatever comfort she can find in otherwise cold, harsh life.

Alison Lohman as “Astrid” & Patrick Fugit as “Paul”, sitting on an
Oversized Granny Square Blanket

Another Variation of the Granny Square Blanket

Astrid” wearing a Calf-length Knit Jacket

Recommended Stitching:
Caron’s Lacy Square Throw, by Kimberly McAlindin
Caron’s Chunky Jacket, by Kelly Klem
Eryka Coat, from Pop Goes Crochet
Happy viewing; happy stitching!

3 Responses to “Movie Monday: White Oleander”

  1. Ann On and On...

    It has been years since I’ve seen that movie. Although I don’t remember it recall liking it. Perhaps I need to see it again…..

  2. Brittany

    I love this movie so much! I may have to watch it again tonight. The big granny square blankets haven’t grabbed my attention before – maybe because I wasn’t a yarn crafter last time I watched it.

  3. Melinda

    Things like this blog and ravelry have made me so aware of crochet and knitting in all my favorite shows and movies–i find it very interesting to even find them in animation like Spirited Away!