Movie Monday (Web Show Edition): Dr. Horrible

This week’s pick comes from Buy.Caron.com‘s Luke Limbrunner, who e-mailed to remind me about the convergence of two entertainment fantasmas, Neil Patrick Harris and Joss Whedon. Ladies and gentlemen, they call it: Dr. Horrible! It’s available for your viewing pleasure on the web; it’s part fan-boy/part fan-kick; one of the characters wears knitwear. Need I say more?
So hey, there’s already a sing-along happening, so why not start a Dr. Horrible, knit-along? Wait, why not design a Dr. Horrible scarf (the Dr. Who scarf can be its accessory nemesis), for said knit-along? Don’t tempt me, people, I’ll do it! Oh, I (might) do it…
Felicia Day as “Penny”, wearing a delicate, mohair
Cardigan with Flutter Sleeves & Neckline

“Penny” wearing, Stockinette Stitch, Striped Wrist-warmers

Recommended Knitting:
Long Striped Hand Warmers, by Whit Knit for The Purl Bee
Diovani Gloves, by Marilyn Losee for NaturallyCaron.com
Purple Skein Wristwarmers, by me for VickieHowell.com
Nice Baby Jacket, by Melissa Matthay for NaturallyCaron.com
Cielo Shrug, by Susan Shildmyer for Naturally Caron.com
Eva Cardigan, by c2Knits
Happy viewing; happy knitting!
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