Movie Monday: Twilight

I think I may be the only female on the face of the planet who had zero interest in reading the books but I have to admit after seeing the  Twilight the movie (which my mom and best friend swear doesn’t do the 1st book justice), I can kinda see what the appeal may be.   Of course, I may’ve just been won over by all of the knitwear represented in the screen version. 😉
Kristen Stewart as “Bella” Wearing Cabled Gauntlets

“Bella” in Crochet Cap and Christian Serratos’ Character “Angela” Wrapped in a Granny Square Blanket

Ashley Greene as “Alice”, Wearing a Lacey Shrug

“Bella” in a Cabled, Patchwork Scarf

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Happy viewing; happy knitting!,
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All screen shot images taken by Vickie Howell.

10 Responses to “Movie Monday: Twilight”

  1. mommieof4munchkins

    You can add me to the list of women who have no interest at all in reading the books, guess I just don’t get the craze. I love to read but these books just don’t interest me.

  2. Aesox

    ya know, I bought the first book because the gal that wrote it is a local-but I never read it…could be the 4 yo’s fault 🙂 However, now that there’s knitting involved I might need to see the movie! Thanks for ‘finding the crafty’, it’s interesting to look at movies in a different way.

  3. Hybrid Hopes

    My husband is taking a (no joke) vampirism in film class. Yes, this is a class that will contribute towards his degree. Crazy. Anyway, we watched Twilight, and I did like the yarn stuff. But the movie itself… ugh.

  4. Tonya

    You have to read the books! Like you, the story didn’t interest me at all, but I wanted to see what all the hype was about. I read the first book in a day and the whole series in 3 weeks. A great fantasy escape. While I did like the movie, and noticed all the knitwear lol, the books are so much better.

  5. Jennifer

    You are totally not alone in your lack of interest… So many teenage girls go through emotionally abusive relationships, and these books are glamorizing them!!

    [steps down from soapbox]

  6. diyod

    I haven’t seen the movie or read the books, and really don’t care to (partly b/c of all the craze and partly b/c I just don’t see myself getting into the story all that much).

    The only thing I have an interest in is all the patterns people have created based on knitted items in the movie. If I do ever see the movie, it will mainly be to see the knitted items…that’s all that seems to interest me right now.

  7. Anonymous

    i thought i was the only female on the planet who had zero interest in this stuff…(although I’m enjoying True Blood on HBO, but those vampires are older than 17, thankfully)…

  8. Jen r.

    I have to admit, read the books, liked them HATED the movie. Love all of the knitwear!

  9. Jennifer

    I’m a complete Twilight geek 🙂 The books are better than the movie, but the second movie looks like it will be better. There’s a group on Ravelry trying to get a book published with patterns inspired by the Twilight Saga, similar to Charmed Knits.

  10. DrChopSuey

    Me too…

    I have no interest in the books nor the movies…. But, I do love the knitwear! I guess the movie isn’t that bad if I can watch it for knitspiration! 🙂