Movie Monday (TV Edition): Fringe

Over the weekend, I caught-up on a few TV shows including one my favorites, Fringe (FOX). The current episode included a guest star who was wearing a great, crocheted scarf (see screen shots below)–one that inspired me to veer away from the usual Movie Monday format, to do a scarf round-up from Check it, then hook it!

Guest character, wearing a Crocheted Medallion Scarf

Lacey & Medallion Crochet Scarves, from Scarf Round-Up
L-R: Europa, by Susan Lowman (Shown in Spa, color: Sheen Green)
Vail Mountain (Shown in Spa, colors: Misty Taupe & Naturally)
Kigali, by Cari Clement (Shown in Country, colors: Deep Purple, Berry, Spruce & Ocean Spray)
Mirror Lake, by Lisa Gentry (Shown in Spa, color: Sheen Green)
Sandals, by Kristin Omdahl (Shown in Spa, colors: Ocean Spray, Rose Bisque, Misty Taupe & Soft Sunshine)
Waikiki, by Marilyn Losee (Shown in Country, color: Renaissance Rose)
Happy viewing; happy crocheting!
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