Movie Monday (TV Edition): Call the Midwife

PBS (via BBC) has done it again with another must-see, period episodic. Call the Midwife just like the network’s wildly popular show, Downton Abbey — is a well-written, finely acted, impeccably directed snapshot of the human experience. 
Set in the impoverished slums of London circa late 1950’s, Call the Midwife follows the amazing nurses who delivered the babies of the community, and the mother’s and father’s who soldiered through bringing another life into the world (and often, into horrific conditions.) I’ll tell you this, never have I been so happy to be a woman during modern times rather than 70 years ago! Three words: glass tube enema. Yikes. But I digress.
Call the Midwife is available on Netflix now, and as you see below (in addition to be a really good show) is a feast for a yarn-crafter’s eyes. Enjoy!
Brioche Stitch Baby Cardigan
Crocheted Baby Blanket

Knit Sailor Hat

Amazing, Crocheted Baby Jacket
Men’s Knit Cardigan

Crocheted Baby Blanket
Knitter in the clinic waiting room.
Spike Stitch Cardigan

Recommended Stitching:

Pretty Kiddy Cardigan

Textured Grid Baby Blanket

Baby M Blanket

Feather and Fan Baby Blanket

Baby Sailor Suit

Pea Wee Coat

Kimono Sleeve Cardigan

His & Her Fair Isle Cardigan

Happy viewing; happy stitching!


2 Responses to “Movie Monday (TV Edition): Call the Midwife”

  1. ~Ruth

    Season 2 is running on PBS now and will be out on DVD in June. I am so in love with this, I read the book.