Movie Monday (TV Edition): Boardwalk Empire

Last night was the much anticipated premiere of HBO’s new series, Boardwalk Empire. The two-hour episode played like an epic film, artfully acted (I’m so thrilled that Steve Buscemi finally has a vehicle to call his own, and that the Dawson Creek kid–aka Michael Pitt– has another meaty role to add to the mix!), masterfully directed (of course, it’s Scorsese), and beautifully styled. The costumes were an essential of the latter including, a couple pieces of knitwear.

Kelly MacDonald as “Margaret” in a Basket Weave, Belted Cardigan
Aleska Palladino as “Angela” in a Eyelet, Triangle Shawl

Recommended Stitching:
Caron’s Crochet Summer Shawl (Try substituting with Spa yarn!)
Choose Your Own Ending Shawl, by SugarCube Original Designs’s Napa Belted Jacket, bu Susan Shildmyer
Happy viewing; happy stitching!
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4 Responses to “Movie Monday (TV Edition): Boardwalk Empire”

  1. Angie

    Yes! I watched the premier last night and kept drooling over Kelly MacDonald’s cardigan! She also played in Nanny McPhee and there was beautiful fiber love in that movie as well.

  2. Anonymous

    my daughter being far off at school, this is one way we can share our appreciation of movies and textures. Sorry for the pun, but it is a thread that brings us closer..thanks for the lovely idea !

  3. Anonymous

    Four of your “old” Knitty Gritty shows will be on the DIV channel 203 in the Seattle, WA area, Oct 4-7, 5:30-6:00am.