Movie Monday: The Women

The original (1939) version of The Women, is one of my all-time fave films.  Scandal.  Gossip.  Joan Crawford.  What could be better?  Perhaps only the fact that knitting plays its own role in the movie (something more common in that decade than now.)
Fur bolero with ribbed sleeves and matching knit handbag.

Rosalind Russell’s character, Mrs. Howard Fowler (Sylvia), always has her knitting in tow.

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Happy viewing; happy knitting!
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All screen shot photos taken by Vickie Howell.

5 Responses to “Movie Monday: The Women”

  1. Susie

    One of my all time favorites! I have it DVRed for a chick flick feeling day to view for the tenth time.

  2. BellaKarma

    So funny! I was taking pictures for a blog post of “Sylvia” knitting when The Women was TCM a few days ago! =)

    Can’t wait for next Movie Monday! =)

  3. stephen hizKNITS

    On one hand, it’s a film ahead of its time, with no speaking roles for men. Powerfully subversive.

    It should be required watching for anyone interested in sass, killing with kindness and the sharp tongues. Goodness knows it’s the foundation of modern day drag culture and catty, catty girls.

    Underneath it all, it’s a fabulous love story. One of my favs too!

  4. Janebabes

    One of my all time favorites, hands down! I love it for so many reason, but the knitting is in the top 5. 🙂 The fantabulous dialog, and the ending are of course up there as well.