Movie Monday: The Lovely Bones

I finally got the chance to watch the film adaptation of Alice Sebold’s haunting novel,

The Lovely Bones. I know critics raked this one over the coals but, I actually thought it was an engaging portrayal of difficult themes to translate.
Here are a few of the knitted garments from the movie that help paint a picture of 1970’s American culture, as the backdrop of unspeakable tragedy.
Saoirse Ronan as “Susie” in the infamous Knit Hat
she wore during her last moments.

Director Peter Jackson, wearing a Pullover in the background of a scene.

Reece Ritchie as “Ray”, wearing a Crossed Collar Pullover.

Stanley Tucci as “George”, wearing a basic, Crew Neck Sweater.

Recommended Stitching:
Knitty Gritty’s Camo Earflap Hat, by Judy Souza
Caron’s Crocheted Peruvian Earflap Hat, by Cari Clement

Happy viewing; happing knitting!

3 Responses to “Movie Monday: The Lovely Bones”

  1. Lupie

    I have heard good things about this movie but will never see it because I have a hard time with the subject matter.

  2. Anonymous

    I read the book, not knowing what I was getting into. As a victim, ever time I see things related to what happened to me I have flashbacks and anxiety. With this movie out, I cannot get away from the topic anywhere, not even when I just want to de-stress with knitting or crochet. I don’t want or expect the world to change because of something that happened to me, I just wish people would be a little more sensitive about the issue.

  3. Cathy

    Saw a movies this weekend called “The City of Ember.” It is a sci-fantasy film starring Bill Murray. Very good movie (even my teen daughter liked it) and stars a multitude of knit and crochet wear.