Movie Monday (Music Video Edition): Farmer’s Daughter

Today’s Movie Monday selection was sent to me from my friend Luke over at It’s not technically a movie but in the way that many music videos are, it’s certainly cinematic in its own right.

You may remember from the contestant-inspired, crocheted Lilly Earrings I posted a pattern for a year ago that we Caron peeps are a sucker for crafty, American Idol-ers. That said, you can imagine my delight of finding out that one of the greatest Idol finalists, singer-songwriter Crystal Bowersox, is a knitter! Check her out, showing her stitching skills in the video for her song, Farmer’s Daughter. Oh, and props to Crystal & the director for figuring out how to use knitting as the common thread (Thanks, I’ll be here all night!) through the video’s storyline. Enjoy!

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Happy viewing; happy knitting!


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5 Responses to “Movie Monday (Music Video Edition): Farmer’s Daughter”

  1. CrochetBlogger

    Great find. I’m always super excited when I see stitchers in things that aren’t specifically about the fiber arts.

  2. Anonymous

    Apparently I am not allowed to view this in my country (Australia), feeling very special, sigh.

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