MOVIE MONDAY: Mildred Pierce, Part 1 & 2

Last night HBO debuted their version of the classic film, Mildred Pierce. Not quite a remake of the original (1945, starring Joan Crawford), director Todd Haynes takes the more in-depth approach into the life of a working mother in the 30’s and the tumultuous relationship with her sociopathically-ungrateful daughter.

Academy award winning actresses; whip-smart script; fantastic costuming–this one is a must-see! In the meantime, here’s a glimpse at how knit & crochet were represented in the 1st parts, of the 5-part miniseries.
Kate Winslet as “Mildred”, wearing a Chunky, Knit Jacket

Crocheted Washcloths

Mildred in a Crocheted Cloche

Recommended Stitching:’s Brigham Hat, by Lisa Gentry
Caron’s Cozy Knit Jacket, by Susan Shildmyer’s Asheville Jacket, by Kathy Perry
Happy viewing; happy stitching!
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4 Responses to “MOVIE MONDAY: Mildred Pierce, Part 1 & 2”

  1. radmegan

    Oh my god how am I *just* discovering this Movie Monday series! It’s genius! And i like the taste in flicks too!

    Great job Vickie!!