Movie Monday: Lucas

Lately my husband and I have been introducing some of our favorite ’80’s movies to our boys. Most of the time, I’m happy to report, they’re as entertained by them now as we were when we were kids!
This week’s flashback came in the form of 1986’s Lucas starring starring the late, Cory Haim. While Dave and I played, point-out-the-famous-people-when-they-were-kids (Charlie Sheen, Winona Ryder, Jeremy Piven, Courtney Thorne-Smith), I also spotted a couple of totally 80’s, knit/crocheted garments.
Tom Hodges as “Bruno” wearing a striped, Crocheted Vest.

(This movie gets bonus points for putting a bully in crochet, because that’s hilarious.)

Kerri Green as “Maggie” in a Bobble Stitch Pull-Over

Recommended Stitching:
NaturallyCaron.com’s Willow Stream Pull-Over, by Ann E. Smith
Guy Vest, by Drew Emborsky
Daddy-O Vest (for kids!)
Bobble Blue Sweater, by Mari Lynn Patrick
Happy viewing; happy stitching!
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