Movie Monday: Harry Potter & The Order of the Phoenix

This Wednesday’s the much anticipated premiere of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. My husband and son get to go to a press screening for it today but me, well, I’m celebrating by taking a look back at the knitwear featured in the series’ last installment, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.  Walk with me, if you will…
Patil twins, wearing garter stitch hats (worked sideways).

Fair Isle ski cap.

James & Oliver Phelps as “Fred & George Weasley”, wearing color work sweaters.

Evana Lynch as “Luna Lovegood”, wearing a lace scarf.

Imelda Staunton as Dolores Umbridge, wearing a fine knit cardigan.

Bonnie Wright as “Ginny Weasly”, wearing a tee with inset granny squares.

A Few Harry Potter Knitting Resources
Happy knitting; happy viewing!
xo, Vickie

6 Responses to “Movie Monday: Harry Potter & The Order of the Phoenix”

  1. YarnFetish

    I’m super jealous of your hubby and son! I can’t wait for tomorrow to go camp out for the midnight release of HP!

  2. MamaKaren

    There is a lot of knitting in the HP books (even moreso than the movies) and I love it! I got the “Charmed Knits” book for Christmas and have tackled house socks and the invisibility shawl.

  3. Dragonsinger

    Leaky Cauldron Crafty Witch Mary here and thanks for the Link

    THere is also crochet and in our crochet patterns, we do have Luna’s scarf as well as her OOTP cardigan!!!

  4. Christina

    Hello Vickie. Today I was at the ALA Convention. Guess what? I saw the exhibit booths for Sterling Publishing and Lark Books. The people managing the booths had nothing but wonderful things to say about you. I was so excited to tell them that I love your books and noticed they are promoting AwareKnits. Thanks for being joy into my life.

  5. Mama

    I was watching “Sweet November” the other night and thought of you. LOTS of knit wear in that movie, not to mention some tears! Great movie!