Movie Monday: Greenberg

Greenberg serves up a plate of depression with a side of comedy and knitwear chaser. Here are a few shots of my fave part of the movie: the sweaters!
Greta Gerwig as “Florence”, wearing a comfy, Aran Jacket

Ben Still as “Greenberg”, wearing a Cabled Pullover

“Florence” in a chunky, Bobbled Cardi

Recommended Knitting:
Arusha Jacket, by Margret Wilson for NaturallyCaron.com
Iquitos Cable Sweater, by Anne E. Smith for NaturallyCaron.com
Starsky Sweater, by Jordana Paige for Knitty
Happy viewing; happy stitching!
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5 Responses to “Movie Monday: Greenberg”

  1. HiLLjO

    Love the Aran sweater. I really need to crochet an Aran-something. Maybe an Arangutan toy. I should also master crocheting my cables. I’ll post my Aran stuff on my HiLLjO blog when that’s done.

  2. Anonymous

    That looks like the Aran Jacket on the cover of an old (1960’s) Regency Bainin Pattern Booklet that I own. I’ve made it several times. ejmsasha

  3. margknittinaround

    Hi Vickie!
    I feel a Naturally Caron sweater or jacket project coming on ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for the pattern links.