Movie Monday: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Director Tim Burton can often be counted on for weaving knitted items into the scenes of his movies.  His version of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005) however, is his finest tribute to the love of yarn!
Helena Bonham Carter’s character Mrs. Bucket, wearing a tattered stockinette cardigan and fingerless gloves.

Grandma Georgina & Grandpa George wearing a crochet cap and mitered scarf.

Mrs. and Augustus Gloop wearing a burgundy vest and Fair Isle cardigan.

Freddie Highmore as Charlie, wearing a traditional Fair Isle pull-over.

Recommended Knitting:
Happy viewing; happy stitching!

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All screen shot images taken by Vickie Howell.

4 Responses to “Movie Monday: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”

  1. YarnFetish

    That’s too funny! I was just watching this movie on TV this weekend and noticing all the fabulous knitting.

  2. Ms_Lonelyheart

    Movie Monday – Not really a movie, but the season premier of True Blood showed Sookie picking up an unfinished scarf her grandma had been knitting – pink and purple and fuzzy-looking.

  3. Beth

    Thanks for sharing!

    The first picture, however, looks like it’s from “Sweeney Todd.” Is it?