Movie Monday: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Director Tim Burton can often be counted on for weaving knitted items into the scenes of his movies. ย His version of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005) however, is his finest tribute to the love of yarn!
Helena Bonham Carter’s character Mrs. Bucket, wearing a tattered stockinette cardigan and fingerless gloves.

Grandma Georgina & Grandpa George wearing a crochet cap and mitered scarf.

Mrs. and Augustus Gloop wearing a burgundy vest and Fair Isle cardigan.

Freddie Highmore as Charlie, wearing a traditional Fair Isle pull-over.

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Happy viewing; happy stitching!

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All screen shot images taken by Vickie Howell.

4 Responses to “Movie Monday: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”

  1. YarnFetish

    That’s too funny! I was just watching this movie on TV this weekend and noticing all the fabulous knitting.

  2. Ms_Lonelyheart

    Movie Monday – Not really a movie, but the season premier of True Blood showed Sookie picking up an unfinished scarf her grandma had been knitting – pink and purple and fuzzy-looking.

  3. Beth

    Thanks for sharing!

    The first picture, however, looks like it’s from “Sweeney Todd.” Is it?