Movie Monday: Barry Munday

Being married to the founding editor of a movie review website can have its perks, one of which is sometimes getting advanced screeners of great flicks. This was the case with film festival darling, Barry Munday. With a supporting cast that includes veteran favorites Jean Smart, Malcolm McDowell (Fun Fact: I met him when I was 19 0r 20 and an extra on the video game he starred in, Wing Commander 4.) and Cybill Shepherd, it’d be hard to not to create a fun, film experience. Director, Chris D’Arienzo, delivers with a delightfully quirky finished project that’ll leave you smiling…and not just because of all of the onscreen yarnwear. 😉

Oh, and I hear that star, Judy Greer (who’s great in this, btw), is a knitter herself!

Jean Smart as “Carol, wrapped in a Crocheted Afghan

Judy Greer as “Ginger”, wearing an over-sized Fair Isle Sweater

Crocheted Vest

Ribbed & Cabled Pullover

Pullover Tunic

Recommended Stitching:

Openwork Vest by, Kim Rutledge
Chocolate Sky Afghan, by Rachael Chua
Pletzer Cable Cardi, by Dots & Yarn
Happy viewing; happy stitching!

3 Responses to “Movie Monday: Barry Munday”

  1. jeanine perkins

    Hello. I was so excited to see this article. I have an almost addiction to finding crochet in movies. I can really attest to the fact that there are alot of movies out there that do have crochet in them. My daughter gets a big kick out of me because we will be watching a movie and all of a sudden I will say, “Look, there’s crochet”. I usually get the big sigh and rolling of the eyes!! One of my favorite movies, “Independence Day” has a crocheted granny afghan that the President’s wife is wrapped up in when Will Smith’s girlfriend finds her in the wreckage of the helicopter. Also, Bella wears a great crocheted hat in Twilight, along with an afghan that is in the car. I believe it was also a granny square afghan. In lots of other movies, you will more than likely find a crocheted afghan on the back of the couch!! I am glad to hear that I am not the only one that looks for crochet in movies!! I am 60 year-old mom and grandma and have been crocheting for 45 years!! Hook On!! Jeanine

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