Mothercraft: Super Hero Birthday Party!

Wonder Twin powers, activate. Form of: a Super Friends Birthday Party! Last weekend my daughter and her best buddy teamed up to celebrate their 3rd birthdays Super Hero-style. Fortunately for them, their mamas’ happen to be crafty crusaders. Here’s how my gal pal, Noelle and I joined forces to battle the b-day blahs by creating a party with all kinds of POW!
Kazaam, it’s cupcakes!

  • Plain, store-bought cupcakes turn thematic with handmade toppers. Design your own in Photoshop like we did (and when I say “we”, I mean Noelle), or order customized versions from Etsy. Just do a search “for customizable cupcake toppers”.
Color comic sheets
Comic Color Sheet Favors

  • Repurpose second-hand comic books into crime-fighting favors! Pull the best pages out so there’s a colorful image on front and back, and laminate. Attach a baggie containing a couple of dry-erase markers, and you’ve got reusable color sheets that are perfect for keeping kiddos busy at restaurants.

Kiddo Decorated Avengers Cookies

  • Let the little ones get involved. Some pre-made dough, Marvel hero cookie cutters and a rainbow assortment of sprinkles make for a good evening of pre-party, family fun. My kids and I made these ahead of time and froze them. The week before the event became known as “Countdown to cookie eating!” Helping with these made a certain toddler feel even more excited about her upcoming soiree.

Making Cookies
Brother & Sister Baking Team
Bday party
Super-treat Station

  • Set up a Super-treat Station to inspire guests when they arrive! We had ours filled with comic book favors, hero masks, vases filled with action figures, and some masked munchies.

Pillowcase Capes Waiting for Decoration

  • Crime-fighters get crafty with a cape-decorating station! Upcycle thrifted pillow cases into no-sew capes. Cut the case in half to create two capes. Use pinking shears to shape, and thread ribbon or velcro pieces through the existing hem. Draw star, lightening bolt or other emblems onto fabric using a black pen. Have them hanging and ready for each wee *web-slinger to color in with fabric markers, and embellish with sticky-backed felt shapes. Each cape will run you less than $1!

Super Hero Cape Making
 Customizing Capes for Future Crusades
Super Hero Rescue Station
  • Oh no, Super Hero action figures have been frozen in time! Quick, save them so they don’t have to pull a Captain America and miss out on 70 years of time.  We originally got the excavation station idea from our friend, Jennifer Perkins’ Dino Dig. For our own Fro-zone though, we swapped out dinosaurs for action figures and surrounded the main glaciers with regular ice cubes so that even the baby guests would be able to play along (without that pesky digging). To freeze the fighters, layer small figures weighed down by ice cubes in plastic shoe boxes. Fill in the gaps with water and pop in the freezer. Our rescue station kept kids ranging in age from 18 months to 12 years old occupied for half of the party. If that’s not a super feat, then I don’t know what is!

Birthday Boy & Girl, Ready for Super-friends Action!

Super Hero Party Ice Excavation
Mini-heroes Excavating Action Figures from Ice-y Capture!

All in all, I think Quinn & Clover’s big 0-3 was a success. Super friends. Super easy. Super fun!

Check out more photos from the party on Flickr.

P.S. I’m moving all The Mothercraft posts back to my regular blog. Stay tuned!
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*Note to our fanboy husbands: Yes, I know that Spider-man doesn’t wear a cape, but I sacrificed accuracy for alliteration. It’ll be fine; I promise.

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  1. ~Ruth

    Holy cow, Vicki! Your ideas are fantastic! I never threw a party like that when my kids were toddlers. I bet the moms had a great time along with the kids.