Model Citizens

It’s so much fun seeing my yarn and/or patterns brought into FO fruition! Check these out:

Yesterday, Annette O. e-mailed me that she’d given her daughter Nell some VHC LOVE to play with who in turn designed this hot little number. Yowza! This particular top is being donated to benefit an AIDS awareness program but I love it so much (pun intended), that I’m trying to get her to write out the pattern and submit it to a magazine. (*Note to self: work on abs.)

Designer/Model: Nell G.
Yarn: Vickie Howell Collection’s LOVE in colors,
Joel and Clementine and Andi & Blane

In June while friends & family were here for our post-elopement part, my mom whipped up a Mae Day out of her namesake color in, VHC CRAFT. Fortunately the model, my best friend’s son, is too young to notice the anarchy in dressing a boy in a sun dress. (*Note between mothers: If necessary, this photo will be used to blackmail a future, surely teenager. ;-))

Model: Owen I.
Pattern: Mae Day, by moi.
Yarn: Vickie Howell Collection’s CRAFTin color, Libby.

Mom’s here again and I’ve put her to work. This week between the two of us, we’ve churned out 3 scarves, 3/4 of a market bag and 1/3 of a baby sweater. I’m still totally behind but man, it helps having Libbs (aka my mom) around!

Happy weekend knitting, everyone!


2 Responses to “Model Citizens”

  1. susanc

    Nell is very talented. Your yarn looks beautiful!

    That’s so great that you and your mom have been knitting together. You two rock!