Mock Turtleneck Shoulder Warmer

Ask Me Monday with Vickie Howell: Mock Turtleneck Shoulder Warmer tutorial.

Mock Turtleneck Shoulder Warmer

This week on Ask Me Monday we talk magic loop method, how to set up for knitting a garment with shoulders from the top-down, and I offer up this free pattern for a stripy, Mock Turtleneck Shoulder Warmer. Enjoy!


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Montoya Merino Yarn and Knitter's Pride Self-Love Interchangeable Circular Needle Set

Mocking (Mock Turtleneck Shoulder Warmer) Pattern

Mock Turtleneck Shoulder Warmer pattern by Vickie Howell

Prefer to have this pattern as a PDF? Get it for free in my YarnYAY! Shop HERE.


Vickie Howell Montoya Merino (100% superwash merino; 175 yds), in colors: 1 hank (A) Bernadillo Blue, and 1 hank (B) Prickly Pear

Size US 8/5 mm, 32″ circular needles (or set of double-pointed needles)

Size US 9/5.5 mm, 32″ circular needles

4 stitch markers

Tapestry needle


Get the Mocking Knit Kit



One size (with modification instructions)



10″/25 cm tall

21″/53 cm wide

Fits up to 17″/43 cm neck


16 sts x 20 rows = 4″/10 cm in Stockinette Stitch, on larger needles



k1tbl = knit 1 stitch through the back loop

kf&b = knit in front and back of the same stitch to increase 1.



With smaller needles, A, and using the magic loop method (unless you opted for dpns), CO 56 sts. Distribute sts, and join rnd taking care not to twist.


Rnds 1-12: *[K1tb] twice, p2; rep from * around.


Switch to larger needles.

Set-up Rnd: K9, pm, k10, pm, k18, pm, k10, pm, k to end.

Rnd 1: With A, [k to 1 st before marker, kf&b, sl m, kf&b] four times, k to end.– 8 sts inc.

Rnd 2: Knit.

Rnd 3: With B, [k to 1 st before marker, kf&b, sl m, kf&b] four times, k to end. — 8 sts inc.

Rnd 4: Knit.

Repeat rnds 1-4 nine times total (or until your piece measures 1″/2.5 cm shorter than desired length). — 200 sts.

Cut B.

Mock Turtleneck Close-up

Bottom Band:

Rnds 1-4:  With A, *K1tbl, p1; rep from * around.

BO in patt st.


Weave in ends. Block piece.


Shop Vickie Howell Montoya Merino


100 Responses to “Mock Turtleneck Shoulder Warmer”

  1. Chris Lopez

    Surprised to see you live on IG so early! Lovely pattern and such an amazing giveaway. The set is stunning! I do Hand Yoga with Jamber Hands. I take care of my hands so I can keep on using them to make all the things. Have a great week. 💕💕💯

    • Linda Kozik

      Lovely pattern. Great tutorial on Magic Loop. My happy time is taking a walk and also knitting gifts for family and friends. Best wishes from Green Valley, AZ

    • Mary Sadey

      My love time is when everyone goes to bed. I drink a glass of white wine and put on music and knit. Helps me relax.

    • Lora Baker

      My self love is crocheting or knitting,once I get all my things done during the day. I sit down, turn on Netflix for so background noise and get lost in my stitches. I love the little shoulder warmer, I LL be making a few for family. Thanks for the pattern.

  2. Gale Lubchansky

    My self-love and zen is making time every day to listen to a podcast or music and knit! Sometimes wine is involved 😁

  3. Rose Garrod

    My self love time is really more a couple thing. Every day when my husband gets home from work, we take 30 minutes or so to cuddle and share our days. We talk about the frustrations, the joys, even the not so exciting parts. Having someone to vent to and share my excitement with is super important for me.

  4. JoAnn Wright

    I take time every day to work on a quilting project, knit a few rows on a dishcloth/washcloth and watch an instructional video on You Tube or a half hour of a favorite show on PBS.

  5. Rosie Wells

    I love to put a thick moisturizer on my hands at night to wake up with supple hands so I can knit, crochet, quilt, sew for grandchildren… and work 🙂

  6. Misty Stafford

    Myself love is at night before bed I do word searches while listening to music.

  7. Sarah Armstrong

    I do yoga but finding it harder and harder to fit it in. I also try to knit each day.

  8. Amy Wilkinson

    Self Love- creating something beautiful- crochet, knit, or quilt and running errands on my motorcycle and taking the long way home.

  9. Sandi Postle

    Truly enjoy your pep and inspirational projects. My self-love routine includes prayer and chai tea! Thank you Knitters Pride for all your generosity!

    • Nanci Lyons

      I love watching your Ask Me Monday segments each Monday evening before bed, very inspiring, I go to bed with a new project in mind! I have recently started weaving, and have been taking time each day to incorporate that with my knitting. I live on a lake, and found weaving on rocks as well!

  10. Roberta Hettervig

    My self love is any kind of fiber crafting, I love them ALL! Recovering from a broken arm has me suffering from knit/crochet withdrawal.

  11. Janet Malinowski

    My zen time everyday is knitting a project that is using up my stash! Being newly retired, I am most
    happy sitting and knitting on my screened-in porch enjoying the sunshine and fabulous fall season.

  12. Sandra Peters

    Every morning I brush my hair one hundred strokes, apply moisturizer to my face and hug a cat.

  13. Diane MacCallum

    I treat myself each morning with a great cup of coffee and a little knitting time

  14. Janet Shaw

    I love to watch Vickie Howell videos (or other instructional knitting/weaving videos) with a lovely latte in hand. Thanks for generously sharing your time, smiles, and those great vendors. Stay healthy! Stay you!

  15. Joyce Cannon

    After dinner I do nothing other than relax with my knitting and mindless tv!

  16. Linda Jimenez

    My self-love deed each day is to do at least one of my creative hobbies for part of the day. These may be knitting, crocheting, sewing or miniatures.

  17. Elizabeth Allen

    I have a few things I do for self care…first, I always sit in the car after coming home from work so I can have 30m of quiet before going inside and making dinner. I need 30m where no one needs me, no one talks to me, no one touches me. lol I also make time to pick up my needles every day. It might only be one or two rows, but getting my hands on my yarn and knitting is so soothing! To go along with that, I also make time to knit at the shop with my people, at least twice a month (ideally it would be twice a week…but adulting gets in the way).

  18. Marilyn Rosenfeld

    I really enjoyed this video and project inspiration. I feel like I have been a ‘beginner’ FOREVER but definitely feel I can do this project! Self-care for me is actually doing things for others .. but I enjoy putting on makeup every day even if I’m staying home all day! Crazy, I know .. 🤪

  19. Patricia Hall

    My self love routine is yarn crafting, tea, and just a chance to breathe once I get my twins off to school. I’ve struggled with mental health issues a lot in my life and something about the feel of the yarn in my hands just brings a sense of calm to me.

  20. Kay Hester

    Self care: Knitting, sipping Starbucks and ‘listening’ to Hallmark movies. Since I retired, I have enjoyed learning new knitting techniques. It has helped my brain and fingers.

  21. Fran Schwarz

    My yorkie, Daisy and I go for a walk. we live on the edge of parkland so it beautiful and quiet, a good way to just be with nature.

  22. Josefa (Katty) Garcia

    Every day I take time to take care of my skin, get a cup of coffee and then my knitting 🧶 that’s what keeps me going. I can’t keep my hands from not having something to knit at anytime 🤷🏻‍♀️ It’s there such a thing as a knittacholic? 😁😂🧶

  23. Josefa (Katty) Garcia

    Every day I take time to take care of my skin, get a cup of coffee and then my knitting 🧶 that’s what keeps me going. I can’t keep my hands from not having something to knit at anytime 🤷🏻‍♀️ It’s there such a thing as a knitacholic? 😁😂🧶

  24. Shirley Brown

    My self love routine is coffee first thing each morning, Knitting or crocheting different times all thru the day! And on Monday, watching “Ask Me Monday”. Love watching them.

  25. Christy Qualin

    Loved watching this week’s video! I’m inspired to make a gift for myself! My self-love is knowing II need to take a break from the busyness of life and allowing for time to read, sleep, watch TV, go for a walk, whatever feels right each day. Mostly read!! 😉

  26. Kathryn Muldoon

    Self love for me each day involves a cup of tea and knitting time. So simple and also productive. Thanks for the chance to enter the competition. I love the Knitters Pride needles I have and would love an interchange set. This set looks so pretty.

  27. Jan Elsten

    My self-love is enjoying coffee in the morning, morning yoga and knitting through the day.
    Love the neck warmer! Thanks for showing the magic loop!

  28. Diane Frangie

    My daily routine bit self love is a cup coffee, though since I’ve retired, I truly love those mornings when I can sit outside and wave at the school busses as they pass. (I was a teacher.) However, I did subscribe to the monthly YarnYay boxes, finding that through all the Covid precautions, I was neglecting my creative side, and needed a little something extra. Winter weather can last six months in Michigan, and knitting feels warmer.

  29. Nora McMahon Romeo

    My self love is blasting my favorite music in the car and singing along! And of course knitting (I am loving the block builders club so much) and some crossword puzzles too!

  30. Andrea Gallagher

    Love this pattern, but I was looking for the modification instructions.

  31. Lara Fritch

    I have little acts of self love sprinkled throughout my day starting with a coffee routine, then exercise, dog walks, knitting, cooking meals and ending the day with meditation. You’ve explained the magic loop method so well that I feel confident to tackle this project. So cute!

  32. Martha Winston

    Self-care for me is setting time aside to read, knit ten rows, do a Japanese lesson, and work on some sort of puzzle. A cup of hot tea rounds out my routine.

  33. Linda Walsh

    My zen or me time is in the pick-up preschool line waiting for my sweet granddaughter to get released. I time it so I get about half an hour of uninterrupted, stress free time that I can just knit or read. It just makes me happy to have this time a couple days a week as she enjoys herself at preschool. Sofia and Natalie are the people who keep me going! I just love them so much!

  34. Barbara Todd

    Love this shoulder warmer! The one thing I do every day for me is to sit in my sauna every morning to just collect my thoughts and practice some deep breathing.

  35. Stephanie Anderson

    My daily self love: snuggling with my two kitties, Danford & Merlin, and dabbling in my fiber crafts whether knits or paper crafting….those are my two faves!

  36. Anna Green

    I love this set!!! My daily self love changes from day to day but is one of many…..trip to my favorite coffee shop…..taking a few minutes while outside with my dog to breathe in and focus on nature and the beauty around me…..knitting a few rows (if that’s all I have time for that day)……reading….or just mindfulness breathing

  37. Jenna Schellhas

    My self-love is a long hot shower or facemask. With a 7 month old it’s hard to get that 20-45 mins by myself for myself.

  38. Hang Bedwell

    I love this shoulder warmer! I’m going try to make one for my little mini-me. Life with two little ones is busy and I work 9-5 so whenever I have a chance to do a bit of knitting at the end of the day, of course once the kids are down, is my self-love time. Even one or two rows is great to help my brain reset from my chaotic day.

  39. Diane Loehr

    I take time for sewing, quilting or knitting to help find the zen time. I’m working on a crescent shawl that I am really excited about. Thanks to knitter’s pride!!

  40. Amy Brown

    This is so fun, thank you for the pattern. My self care: When I get to take my lunch break alone, I like to read while I’m eating. There doesn’t seem to be much book time during marching band season (aka football season) so I squeeze in a few pages when I can

  41. Elaine Leach

    I walk with my dogs every day no matter the weather. No headphones on so I can enjoy the sounds of nature.

  42. Maxine Leonard

    I take a little self love time every day to work on my knitting while my 3 dogs are snoring beside me 😁
    I also enjoy a few beers in the evening while enjoying time with my husband.

  43. Jennifer Paisley Sanders

    I love the Montoya Merino yarn! I live in the country, on a dirt road with no people nearby. I get up before sunrise, grab my coffee, sit on the porch, and listen to the birds sing. I also sleep with a YarnYAY box next to me 🙂

  44. Mona Stevens

    Every night I knit, crochet or cross stitch drinking tea or hot chocolate with my rescue pup laying next to me.

  45. Margay Roberge

    It’s funny you mentioned my three favorite things – knitting, reading and coffee – because that’s how I do it, though not necessarily in that order. I guess it depends on the day. But every day involves a little bit (or a lot, not gonna lie) of all three, especially knitting – it’s so therapeutic! And can I say that I just love to see what you come up with next? Your patterns are always intriguing.

    • Carla Burgoon

      I am with you on the “old” name for the shoulder and neck warmers. My SIL asked me to knit her some and I cringe when I have to say what I am working on. She would probably love your pattern as well. I hope Inwill have time to make it before Christmas. I like to treat myself to a coffee drink and go sit at the park and knit on nice days. When I can’t do that it is a diet Coke and sitting in the recliner to knit.


    I get up early and drink coffee and eat toast with my dog Jimmy. We watch the news and he always get half of my toast. My co- worker and knitting friend and I were just talking about Dickies coming back. I don’t care for the name either. I love how you wear this over your shirt instead of underneath. I would love to make this as soon as I am done with a kimono I am making.

  47. Brenda Gummeson

    I love this! It’s a gateway project to eventually knitting a raglan sweater! This needle set is so pretty! My self-care routine is grounded in being in bed by 9:30 PM. I wake up at 6:00 AM when the city is still relatively quiet and everyone else in my home is still sleeping. I cherish that alone time with a cup of coffee, my thoughts, snd my knitting.

  48. Clarissa

    Love the magic loop video ! Thank you ! My self love moment each day comes in the evening …sitting on the sofa with my rescue pup Ruby-fox and knitting of course ! She paces waiting for me to sit down, help her on the sofa, and unwind and knit ! It’s always a good evening!

  49. Claire M Ventre

    I have the luxury of being retired, so I can choose how to self care every day – but this usually includes good food, a good book, a nice walk and making, making, making: knitting, crochet, weaving, sewing, paper crafting, painting or none of the above (rarely the latter:)

  50. Elizabeth Delli Gatti

    My self care is relaxing with a book and a nice cup of tea at the end of the day!

  51. Jennifer Hicks Beran

    Love this unique garment. Thanks for the pattern and tutorial!. I get up early and get the kid off to school. With a quiet house, I read the newspaper and work the puzzles. “She’s quiet and likes to do puzzles” is something the hubby says often. That’s my ‘me’ time.

    • Kimberly Burrer

      I book a monthly massage appointment for some self-love and self-care.

  52. Joan Remmert

    Thank you for a cute pattern. My self love is to read a little before I go to bed each night.

  53. Judy Zindel

    I do 30 minutes of yoga almost every morning. That gets my day off to a good start and I try to find time to knit every day.


    I do a 10 minute mediation from the Calm app each day. I do it the first thing when I get out of bed. Jeff Warren has really helped my over all well-being. I also ride my spin bike a few times a week. Of course knitting always helps me feel centered as well.

  55. Karli Cheesebrew

    My self care can be a few different things, knitting/crocheting or reading anywhere peaceful, listening to my music of choice or sitting on the back porch at night looking up at the moon and the stars listening to the crickets and tree frogs!

  56. Michelle Bice

    Thank you so much for the magic loop tutorial. I’ve always used DPNs but that looks so easy (and probably little to no laddering)! Thank you for the beautiful pattern, too. I try to spend some time with my husband and daughter, pet the dog, have a glass of wine, practice piano, and create, like working on the latest YarnYay! project or BBC block.

  57. Sheila Sage

    I must do some knitting every day, and my quiet time/devotion with the Lord is a great way to start the day!

  58. Terri Orourke

    I love this project it we’ll make great holiday gifts 🎁
    I have a skin care line that I love three steps wash rosewater lotion done that’s my daily take care of my self
    And I purchased some glorious yarn the other day at this beautiful yarn shop in half moon bay ca . and am going to make myself something from this yarn 🧶 a shawl or a wrap 🧶❤️🧶🍁🍂🍁🍂🍁🍂🍂🍁🍂🍁🍂🍁

  59. Christie

    I’ve been High5-ing myself (thank you Mel Robbins) everyday, bit of self talk, have my morning cuppa coffee, kiss the dog, cat andhubby… in that order, then tend to my knittin’ while listening to audiobooks and knitting tutorials like Ask Me Monday. It’s my jam.

  60. Heather Campbell

    Cute shoulder warmer, thanks for the free pattern!! My self love is watching cooking/baking shows while knitting, that’s my happy place.

  61. Cheryl Clemons

    I take time to knit or crochet at night after a busy day at work

  62. Brenda Maddox

    I do enjoy that first sip of coffee with my fur babies and I live in the country so I walk every morning and see all the beauty that God has created ❤️ And I love this give away love the book form and how it’s put together ❤️

  63. Anne Yoder

    My favorite thing to do is pick up my knitting needles first thing in the morning and knit until it is time to get ready for work.

  64. Theresa Cavazos

    Self care for me is listening to knitting videos ( Vickie and Marly Bird mainly) on my drive home. Also making a sanitizer Keychain cozies for my coworkers.

  65. Chantal Collin Gates

    Thank you for this beautiful shrug. I like wearing shoulder warmers over dresses during winter as I live in Ontario, Canada where temperatures drop a lot during that season. You asked what I do for self love. Self love is at the centre of my life which revolves around little gestures every day that bring me joy, peace, and happiness. I am chronically ill and mostly housebound; but I have a beautiful craft room with a very large window overlooking a river and magnificent trees. Moments of self love can be as simple as casting on a new project, looking up from my knitting to enjoy nature, sipping an espresso or discovering a new pattern. Self love is also accepting my limitations. I kept the best for last, self love is also buying gorgeous yarn and daydreaming of beautiful needle sets like the Self-Love set you presented us today.

  66. Julia M. Wedemeyer

    I do positive affirmations every morning and every night for myself care routine. Thank you for such a lovely pattern…. 💛💚💙💜

  67. Elissa Pitts

    Actually, my self love is caring for my 99 year young mother. Every day I help her with all her needs, but then I sit and usually watching great podcasts like yours. I am going to knit the great shoulder warmer for me, me, me! Thanks you so much for the pattern!

  68. Debra Midas

    My self love routine in the mornings is a cup of coffee and reading the Bible.

  69. Janice Hardin

    Fun pattern. My self care includes 24 oz water first thing in the morning and a good long stretch to get started for my day.

  70. Michelle Emeneger

    Great episode of AMM…. My daily self love routine is waking up before everyone with my cup of coffee and quiet time reading or knitting. Lately, I’ve been listening to books on audible and knitting.

  71. Susan M Lima

    My daily self love routine is to always take a walk with my son, and always save time to knit for at least 30 to 60 minutes every day.

  72. Lisa Gonzalez

    Your teaching style has been so helpful to me. Thank you for explaining the magic loop. I really struggle with DPN’s. I think I’ve fallen in love with the new Knitter’s Pride self care needles. I’m not a one and done self care kind of gal. My morning begins with coffee and devotional. In the afternoon, the dogs and I get some excercise in, and after supper I take some time to exhale and knit.

  73. Joyce Filmer

    My daily self love starts early in the morning when my husband and I take our morning hike. Along the way we photograph all of the amazing wildlife in and around our parks. We live in one of the 5 boroughs of NYC and it is always such a treat seeing our resident bald eagles, as well as all of the other beautiful creatures great and small. And we get our daily exercise too!

  74. Thea Stewart

    Beautiful pattern! My self love is going out to dinner guilt free when I’m just not wanting to cook after a long day.
    Thank you Vickie!💗

  75. Connie Summers

    This is so cute. I normally like to crochet but will knit this shoulder pattern. Thank you so much. You look great in blue! I work in my garden. Very relaxing love to watch flowers grow and bloom and the butterflies they attract.

  76. Heidi Sheppeck

    Thanks for another great tutorial! I always make time to cuddle with my cats. One can’t be upset or worried when holding a purring cat. Yoga is good too

  77. Dawn Moe

    My daily self care is beginning my day with some positive thoughts, it helps set the tone for my day. ☀️

  78. Monique Robinson

    My daily self-love consists of exercise using the Walk At Home app. If I don’t give care to myself, then I can not care for my family and loved ones.

  79. Carol York

    Love the pattern. Also love using magic loop. My relax time morning coffee and a book, and of course knitting.

  80. Donna Juva Metz

    I try to do something creative; paint, fiber work (knit,crochet,weave, sew, embroider)…but mostly it’s just relax with tea….or wine and watch horror movies!😉

  81. Sharon Fee

    My daily self love is picking up my needles to work on a project. I always know that for the next hour or so, nothing else will be on my mind except the project that I’m working on.

  82. Mary Metzger

    I make some time to create something each day by knitting, crocheting, cooking, or mixing up new concoctions. I’ve been saving for a set of wood needles and would absolutely love to win.

  83. Kathleen Leadford

    My time for treating myself is playing outside with my new rescued Australian shepherd for about 45 minutes then once he is tuckered out I get to knit undisturbed. Pure joy 😊

  84. Linda Schaeffler

    My daily selflove is in wee early morning hours relax with coffee in my fav yarn mug. The rest of my day consists of putting a smile on at least 1 persons face each day. I would love winning with interchangeable “knitters pride” needles. I have been invited to a small group of knitters/crocheters, such a helpful group.

  85. Teresa Coats

    I like to start my day by reading my daily devotions each morning after making up my bed when I first wake up.

  86. Rebecca L Redoutey

    CHOCOLATE is my indulgence ! I’m a pretty basic knitter but after watching your demo I feel I could make the shoulder warmer. My daughter always talked about the magic loop method but now I get it after seeing the demo.

  87. Linda Guokas

    Thanks for another great Ask Me Monday. The kits look delicious – I’m ready to try one!
    I try to knit/crochet at least 1 row each day on the myriad of projects that I have.
    I also write in a gratitude journal daily – started that just before the pandemic hit in March 2020 and it really keeps me grounded. Thanks for helping to fuel my creative side – it’s so important to me.

  88. Madalyn McKenney Moorman

    I was so happy to watch this because I have knitted for many years and heard of the magic loop, but never actually knew what it was and … it’s SO SIMPLE!! fun!
    Self Care for me is that morning coffee every day by myself, most days a workout, and I TRY to yarn as much as possible but life is crazy right now and not getting to do that as much as I want to. IT would be amazing if I could, for me.

  89. Mary Haen

    I try to knit or crochet a little every day. During the growing season, I’m usually out in the flower or vegetable garden.

  90. Alita Lee

    My self-love and quiet time is at night. After my husband goes to bed, I sit by the light, turn on soft music and knit. The rhythm of the knitting needles relaxes me after a long day at the office (albeit WFH these days). It’s the song of the knitting needles.