Misfit Groups Needed!

Heya, everybody! The producers of Knitty Gritty are currently in pre-production for a Knitty Gritty Special we’re shooting later this year. Part of the special will feature stories that illustrate passionate and unique knitters. We need stories like the group Knitta who goes around town yarn-tagging, the roller derby team that knits together, or the Harley chicks who plan their bike trips around knitting stores. Every city has knitting groups, stores, cafes and bars where knitters hang out, but we need more. We need the unusual. We need the stories that make you go “wow, I never would have thought of that!”

Soooo, my beautiful, eclectic group of readers, if you know, have heard of, or are a part of a group that may be a little off the beaten path, please speak up! The production company already has great stories in Los Angeles, Houston and Indianapolis. They are however looking for at least one more feature in each of those cities as well as a coupla more elsewhere. If you have any info that might be helpful please either post it here and on this blog or e-mail directly to producer, Alessandra Ascoli at:

Thanks in advance for your help!


2 Responses to “Misfit Groups Needed!”

  1. Jill

    Cool idea for a special! Sounds like a trip!

    My daughter & I have found a particular perfect spot inside Disneyland (we’re Passholders) to knit & crochet! We’re going to start after the summer crowds have left. I’ll be sure to blog ’bout it once we start. 🙂

  2. Gina

    Hi Vicki, right now…world wide, people are knitting squares for blankets that will be given to the victim’s families of the Va. tech massacre. My LYS is working hard getting it all together, and would be a great and inspirational story for your special!