Melissa Matthay

Screen shot from Knitty Gritty Season 4, with Melissa.

I was so saddened to hear about designer, Melissa Matthay’s passing last week. I first met Melissa when she was a guest on Knitty Gritty, and then ran into her a few times over the years a industry events.

Although I didn’t know Melissa well, I distinctly remember a conversation I had with her at a TNNA convention long ago. We talked about being working mothers in an industry that can demand time on the road. She said that she rarely traveled, frequently turning down teaching jobs because she wanted to be present in her sons’ lives. The woman I spoke with that day would’ve been devastated by the fact that she’d never get to see those boys get married, thrive at their careers, or have children of their own. My heart breaks for the turn of events that’s taken place, leaving 16 and 21 year old kids without their mom.
Melissa’s website is still up and offering patterns for many of her fantastic designs. My personal favorites are: the Monarch toddler dress, and the women’s Santa Monica jacket & Drop 2 Vest. All proceeds from pattern sales will go into a fund for her boys to live off of. They need our help so please, take a moment to buy a pattern (or 3) and spread the word via your own social networking vehicles. Her website is:
If you prefer to donate directly, you can send a check to:
Aaron & Dylan Davis Irrevocable Trust
c/o Camy Matthay
5708 Bellbrook Road
Brooklyn, WI 53521
Thank you so much.

3 Responses to “Melissa Matthay”

  1. Georgia Peach

    I am so sorry to hear of her passing. I remember her being on your show. She must have known deep down that her place was better spent with her sons’ and I am sure that they will have many memories of her and their time together however, it goes without saying that it still will not make their loss any less difficult. I will also honor her memory with a post on my blog with the same info you have given as well.

    Miss your show, even the re-runs are no longer running here in the ATL area but I am glad that you have the website and blog for us knitters out here that still love learning from you! Stop by my blog anytime and Knit On!

  2. NinaK

    I used to frequent her New York shop, as I lived right nearby. I missed her so much when she left. Melissa was the fastest knitter I’ve ever seen. I laughed when I saw her on your show, because if I remember correctly you had to tell her to slow down.