Mailbag Deliveries

It’s time again to show a few cool things that have made their way to my mailbox over the past few weeks, that you might want to check out for yourselves. ๐Ÿ™‚

Just as it says on the cover, the projects in this book are, “SUPER HAPPY CROCHET CUTE”!
I *heart* amiguumi crochet and this book feeds the fires of that love. With patterns for everything from cupcake to hep cat, if you’re looking for crocheted cuties then this book’s for you! Personal fave: Punk Bunny (2nd from left on cover).

Simple Gifts to Stitch, by Jocelyn WorrallThis is one of the books I’ve recently procured, that has me sniffling over my broken sewing machine. Simple Gifts has a ton of totally do-able, actually usable, sewn gift ideas. Projects range from a discotastic Spiral Change Purse, to a fairytale worthy Imp Hat. Must…start…sewing…again. Personal faves: Stitched wrapping paper and Peeps-esque terry cloth bunny.

Knit Wit Note Cards

This may be the age of e-communication but now more than ever, I’m a sucker for stationary! Hand-made and adorable, these cards make the perfect topper for all of your knitted gifts. Personal fave: knitting birdie.

Romantic Hand Knits, by Annie Modesitt

Once again Annie uses her costume designer’s background to tailor knitted garments that each tell a story of their own. This book’s projects range from floor-length skirts to flirty hats, with an epic tale’s worth of delicate delights in between! Personal fave: Some Like it Hot opera gloves.

Comfort, by Berroco

Extra soft and worsted weight, Berroco’s latest yarn is both luxurious and versatile. It’s 58 colors awash a fine nylon & acrylic blend making them not only washable, but vegan friendly too!


8 Responses to “Mailbag Deliveries”

  1. tina

    I just heard on the Webs podcast (where I hear you will be shortly) about the Comfort by Berroco, it sounds lovely!

    Thanks for the overview of goodies…..

  2. Guinness & Shiloh's Family

    the amigarumi book is a must have for my children’s dept library collection! Romantic knits looks gorgeous (I will be making a ourchase suggestion to the adult dept for that one) and that yarn looks yummy. I must find a good yarn store near me. I’m very tired of the limited choices Michael’s & AC Moore offers. Nothing really fun.

  3. leann

    I’ve been looking for an excuse to pull out my sewing machine. Simple Gifts looks awesome! And I’ve been drooling over Romantic Knits since I first saw in on Amazon. Thanks for the news!

  4. Sarah

    I saw the Comfort yarn in a yarn shop a few weeks ago. It’s a dream come true for me and anyone else that is allergic to wool! It’s soft and comes in fab colours! I will have to check out the Amigarumi book. It might be a good gift for my friend that crochets.

  5. cc

    Hi Vickie!
    I just had to leave this comment for you. My daughter loves your show and wants to learn how to knit! When she sees you come on the tv she says, “Is that Vickie Howell”. My husband (non-knitter) knows your name because of her. She is only three! Just thought I would let you know how much influence you have in our house. Love what you do!

  6. susanc

    I love amigarumi. I have a pattern for a dolphin that I want to make up.

    You should check out Annie’s website. Her husband Gerry is going through quite a time right now with Multiple Myeloma. They are both at the Mayo Clinic right now so he can undergo a stem cell transplant. Her book looks beautiful. I’ll have to check it out.