Macabre Macrame: Halloween Yarn Wall Hangings

Macabre Macrame!: Use simple, knots and strands of yarn to make spooky wall hangings for Halloween | by @iamvickiehowellMacabre Macrame: Spooky Yarn Wall Hangings for Halloween

It’s time to revisit an oldie, but goodie project, spooky yarn wall hangings perfect for Halloween. We got ferocious with fiber while I taught the simple, macrame knots used to make this creepy craft. Watch. Make. Enjoy!


  • Macrame hoop (or embroidery hoop)
  • YarnYAY! On the Daily (in colors, Laundry Day, or Family Meal)
  • Scissors
  • Craft felt
  • Hot-glue gun


Step 1: Hold four-six strands of yarn together, cut to twice the length you’d like your finished piece to be.

Tie yarn onto top of hoop using the Larks Head Knot as follows:

Macrame Half-Hitch Knot

1a. Fold strands in half to form a loop; slide loop under hoop top.

1b. Feed tails over hoop top and through loop.

1c. Pull to close knot. You’ll now how a hanging yarn strand bunch. Repeat this process across top of hoop, until you’re satisfied with the coverage.

Macrame Half Hitch Part 2

Step 2: Tie individual hanging bunches to hoop bottom using the Half Hitch Knot as follows:

2a. Wrap yarn bunch over and around hoop bottom.

2b. Feel tails through loop creating by wrapping.

2c. Pull to close knot.

Step 3: Tie an additional piece of yarn for hanger to hoop top. Trim bottom hanging strands to even out.

Step 4: Cut out eyes and mouth from craft felt. Hot glue to yarn face.

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One Response to “Macabre Macrame: Halloween Yarn Wall Hangings”

  1. Sarah

    I am new to crochet and macrame and would love to make this pumpkin for my classroom but I can’t find the instructions or pattern for the life of me. Can you help?