Lyra Hat

Speaking of being obsessed with knitwear in movies (see Sweeney Todd post), I just put a new hat pattern up on my shop page inspired by one worn by the character Lyra wore in Golden Compass.  

I got all fancy-like and made my version in seed stitch with a cabled headband, silk ribbon and picot edging but the shape’s the same as their version.  Oh, and of course, it’s knit in the golden color of VEGAS because I’m apparently feeling literal these days. 😉
Baby Bonnet

Snag the pattern it HERE!
(or get it free with purchase of VHC Vegas at your LYS or fave on-line retailer)



4 Responses to “Lyra Hat”

  1. Laurie

    Great flick. Awesome hat. So glad you worked out how to make one and spared me the trouble! Thanks!

  2. rosa

    OMG, that is an adorable pattern, haven’t seen the movie yet, but the hat is so fabulous. Thank you Vickie, you are just the best.