Lucet (aka Knitting Fork) Knit Rope Necklace

Lucet Knit Necklace by Vickie Howell
DIY Lucet Knit Rope Necklace

Looking for a quick project for a craft night with friends? Need an accessory to wear with your outfit today? This Lucet Knit Rope Necklace is for you!

A lucet, aka knitting fork, is a tool that goes back to the Viking days. It’s used to make lengths of cord, out of anything string-like, which can then be used for any number of things (or sewn or woven together to make even more!) Pair up this days-of-old tool with some simple rope and wooden beads and get a Scandinavian-modern style accessory that’s both quick to make and cool to wear. My favorite combo! Here’s how.

How to Use a Lucet

Lucet Knit Rope Necklace


YarnYAY! Lucet (aka knitting fork)

Approx 2yds, ¼” Cotton Rope (clothesline works!)

2, Large-holed Beads 

Optional: Jewelry Closure Findings (2 jump rings, 1 lobster claw clasp, and 2 end caps)


Hangs approx 10 ½” long, with a 21″ circumference — Or desired length



  • Using rope, lucet, and leaving a 6″ tail, use Method #2 (in video above) to make an 8″ cord.
    Fasten off, leaving a 6″ tail. 
    NOTE: If you’re not using jewelry findings, leave longer tails to allow for them to be knotted as well as long enough to fit over one’s head.
  • Make a simple knot at one end of cord. Repeat for opposite side.
  • Slide a bead onto tail so it’s nestled against the knot; tie another knot to secure. Repeat for opposite side.

Pro Tip: Can’t find wooden beads with large enough to slide over rope? No problem! Just enlarge the hole using a drill and the appropriate-sized bit for rope you’re using!

  • Attach jewelry findings, or knot to create a necklace loop.

That’s all there is to it. Fun, quick, and makes a great gift, too!

Lucet Knit Rope Necklace by Vickie Howell


Try dyeing the rope before you knit with it, or dip dyeing the finished necklace for added, unique coolness!


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    Just returned from the SC Knitting Guild annual Knit Inn in Greenville SC. Nicky Epstein was our guest speaker and instructor. Do you ever do small seminars like ours. Always last weekend in Jan. Ends usually on Super Bowl Sunday.