Love & Rockets…or airplane rides. Whatever.

On this day last year, I was in the middle of the Valentine’s Day blizzard in Vermont–snuggled up with 20+ DIY cast and crew members. As much as I *heart* all of them I must say, it’s good to be home this year! It’s 70 degrees in Austin, my husband’s at work making me veggie beef enchiladas (I just gave him a tip I learned from my hispanic grandmother about how to keep the corn tortillas from cracking while rolling them–the trick is that you have to dip them in warm enchilada sauce first) and I have a glass of wine close at hand. Life is good. Hope you all are having a happy V-day yourselves, surrounded by the person/people you love most!

My friend and I made leading up to love day, a knit-a-long.  We knit black, skinny ties for our mens–her version adorned with a skully pin and mine with a wee mitred heart.  Pictures (and pattern) to come!

I’m headed off to MN tomorrow for the Knit Out.  First stop will be at my one of my absolute favorite indie stores, Crafty Planet, for a happy hour/stitch ‘n bitch session.  The rest of the weekend will be spent at the Mall of Americas amongst all kinds of knitting goodness.  The Craft Yarn Council has the event jam packed with author interviews, competitions, fashion shows and demos.  Look for me, emceeing a couple of the programs as well as teaching how to make your own mitred heart embellishment and otherwise spreading the love. 😉 Hope to see you there!

On a different note, I just wanted to give a supportive shout out to my dear friend, Adina Klein.
Adina is the extremely smart, talented and innovative woman who you may know as the editor-in-chief of both Vogue Knitting and Knit.1 Magazine.  A few weeks ago, due to budget cuts within the publisher, her position was eliminated.  As I go over the final draft of my next K.1 column in what will be her last issue (due out in April), I feel really sad.   So much about what I love about both magazines (especially working on the latter) can be credited to her vision. Nobody does it like Ms. Adina Sabrina Klein.  Seriously.  And although she’ll always be in my personal life, I will greatly miss her not being a part of the immediate professional one. I love you, my partner in pun-making crime!
Ok, I’m off to pack. Give yourself a big Valentine’s Day hug from me!

8 Responses to “Love & Rockets…or airplane rides. Whatever.”

  1. g3doherty

    Oh I am so excited! I met you last year at the Knit Out (I was the nervous shaking thing) anywho Bring some warm stuff, although 30 may seem warm to us, it’s no 70! Enjoy! Hope to see you again!

  2. elaine

    hey, guess what? the feb storm in VT this year came on the 13th! but it wasn’t nearly as bad as the one you experienced…

  3. Anonymous

    Wanted to see you yesterday, but as you well know, the blizzard changed a few things. Had to leave knit out early to drive back to Des Moines. Hope to see you another time!

  4. Kinderhook

    A magazine is eliminating the position of editor-in-chief? That’s just plain ridiculous. I am sorry for your friend — and for the readers of those magazines.