Live Yarn Bombing from the Crafts & Hobbies Convention!

Bored? Listless? Yearning to voyeur? Well then, my friends have I got the thing for you! I’m teaming up with the set designer from Knitty Gritty to yarn bomb a tree that he’s sculpted for us. Tune in on Sunday to watch a live feed of me covering all 10 ft of it with knitting pieces of Sheep(ish) yarn.  It’ll be kind of like watching those feeds of birds in a nest…but with yarn and convention center lighting. 😉
I’ll be broadcasting using Ustream, so sign up today! You can log on by going to my channel: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/vickie-howell OR, if just go to my Facebook page and click on the Ustream icon in the left-hand column. I’ll get started at 10am PT, this Sunday.
I’ve never actually live streamed before, but I think you’ll be able to chat comments while you’re watching.
Hope to see you there!

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