Linda Permann’s Little Crochet!

It’s no secret that I love crochet and modern design almost as much as I love kids so when Linda Permann’s, Little Crochet: Modern Designs for Babies and Toddlers landed on my desk, I was THRILLED by what I found within its pages! I’ve been a longtime fan of Linda’s work, beginning with her designs in the much-missed mag, Adorn and continuing with her gorgeous embellishment book, Crochet Adorned. (I’m thrilled to mention too, that Linda has also designed a bag for my upcoming yarn, Sheep(ish)! More on that in a future post.) Little Crochet is the icing on the already, delicious Lindamade cake– filled with clothing, accessories and toys that any wee one would love to have!

Recently, I sat down at the keyboard for a virtual Q&A session about kids, crochet and color. Give it a read, then enter to win your very own copy of this beautiful book!

VH: You don’t have children yourself, so what was the draw for you to write a book on little bits for kids?

LP: There were several reasons I wanted to do a book for kids—one of the big ones was my nephew. Due to some tragic circumstances, I spent many months helping my sister to raise him in the first year of his life, and even when I wasn’t in the same state, I was always thinking of him and making little toys and sweaters for him. I realized that there weren’t a lot of cute patterns for boys, I always had to modify things, and I thought this was a great jumping off point for a book.

Boat Neck Sweater

I also work in a LYS and a new birth is one of the many reasons people learn to crochet. I thought it was time for a baby book that really showed off what crochet can do, especially in the range of yarn weights available today. I really wanted to explore drape and construction with sock, sport, and dk weight yarns—which to me, are much more flattering on small (+big!) bodies in crochet. But don’t worry, there are plenty of worsted weight and some bulky projects too!

Sunshine Blanket

VH: I noticed that like me, you tend to veer away from using traditional, pale colors when designing for children. How do you think this choice speaks to modern design?

LP: I’m trained as a painter, and color is very important to me—but I think that sometimes people are afraid of it because they aren’t sure how to use it or visualize it. Choosing a pastel is a safe, sometimes arbitrary way for a crafter to narrow down the overwhelming amount of choices they have to make about any given project—color, yarn weight, fiber content, pattern style, size, etc.

I like all colors—including pale ones—and I use them in the book, but I made color choices (and swatches showing alternate colorways) to help people visualize how lovely the results can be when they venture out of that traditional comfort zone. If you take a look at the kid’s section at any department store, there is a lot of variety in color and style—and that feels very modern. When I design, I use colors that I enjoy seeing every day—while I am working on the item, and while it is being used.

VH: Did you have someone who used to crochet for you, when you were a child? If so, do you still have any of those pieces?

LP: Both of my grandmothers crocheted, although my dad’s mom was the more prolific of the two. When she died, each of us got a bag full of things she had made for us, mostly lace work like doilies and edged dish towels. I can vaguely remember some dresses she made for our Barbie dolls as well. I still have all of the doilies, and I also have a crocheted baby set that was made for my mom when she was a baby (although I’m not sure who made it). I actually asked her if it was for a doll because the pieces were so tiny!

VH: What do you look for in a yarn when designing for children?

LP: I look for yarn that’s durable, fun to work with, available in a wide array of color choices, and that makes practical sense when it comes to laundering—depending on the recipient. I’m so drawn to the richness of dyes in wool, but I tried to use superwash where possibe, although drying is not much of an issue for me because we don’t even own a clothes dryer. I also look for lighter weight yarns that are made to last—like sock yarns—they flatter small bodies so well in comparison to worsted weights. I love the finer weights because they give me a little more space to design in. If I’m making a dress with a 4 row repeat, I might only have room for 2 repeats if I use a worsted weight yarn—but I can create a much more delicate, fluid piece with thinner yarn.

No Fuss Party Bib

VH: What are your top 3, “great gift” picks from Little Crochet?

LP: For those who are short on time and heavy on stashed worsted weight yarn, a combination of the Star Booties and either the Beanie or Bonnet would be a great last-minute gift.

For a special new baby that still doesn’t make you want to work a foundation chain, the Sunshine Blanket (seen above) makes a great useable heirloom. I love this one because it is worked in the round, and the diagrams make crocheting it a breeze.

And if you’re not sure what the stork will bring, the Boat Neck Sweater (seen above) is an easy first garment project that would look great in gender neutral colors. It’s shown in stripes but for pure simplicity, make it in a solid. You can always add some Tiny Tee appliqués to the sweater once the baby is born.

Watch the adorable, stop motion book trailer for Little Crochet!
You can buy Little Crochet now, on stands and online now! In the meantime, we’re giving away a free copy here! Just post a comment here about who you’d you’d crochet something for, from the great patterns in this adorable book! Post the comment by midnight CT on May 29th. Winner will be picked at random.

24 Responses to “Linda Permann’s Little Crochet!”

  1. Beth

    My sister is pregnant with her second child, so I’d definitely make a project for this new family member. I made a blanket for my sister’s 3-year-old girl, so definitely want to make something for the new niece/nephew due in November.

  2. HiLLjO

    Super cute! I have a lot of friends having babies so I’m always looking for baby patterns even if I have to wait!

  3. Stephanie

    So wonderful! I especially love her words on color! I’m be making things for my fututre kids & adding things to our handmade gifts list around here. So many great projects to make & love!
    expectfaith at yahoo dot com

  4. cara

    I think I’m blog-stalking this book. I’d love to get my hands on it for my neice. I have a supertiny neice (she’ll always be quite small) that I just love making things for.
    I popped in to enjoy the Q&A, and also to get my eyes on more of the projects in this book!

  5. JennLucas

    I have so many friends who have either just had a baby or are getting ready to have a baby. I have lots of little ones to crochet for!

  6. Elise

    Oh, Linda! I love Crochet Adorned and I love this new book too!! I have a two little neices, a new nephew, and another nephew on the way in July! I can imagine at least one of them in each creation in this book! Wonderful!


  7. JeanP

    I like everything I’ve seen from this book, especially the party bib for three new baby girl nieces and one in the way.

  8. Kacy

    I love crocheting for babies and toddlers! I would crochet something for my own kids (ages 28 months and 6 months) and for the March of Dimes charity auction that a friend of mine hosts each year.

  9. Victoria

    I usually do more kitting and crochet in the summer because it is more portable than my sewing machine projects so this is perfect timing for a lot of new inspiration.

  10. Julie

    I have 2 little nieces and a new nephew, so having someone to crochet for isn’t the problem! Finding time to crochet something for all of them, now that’s a problem 🙂 I have looked through this book and I absolutely love it! If I were to win a copy I would be forever grateful, but if not, I am surely going to buy one to add to my crochet library.

  11. To Love What is Mortal

    I would make something for my long awaited for niece or nephew who at this point has some lovely limb buds and for my own marvelous eleven month old. And for many more beloved friends and family!

  12. Todd & Lisa

    I would love to have a book to have on hand for when my MOPS friends have baby showers. Linda Permann is the best, I love her use of diagrams and her eye for design. If I won this book, it would keep me from having to repeatedly check it out from the library!

  13. Hapi2Run

    Though my girls are big now, I work in a child care center and so I get to know my coworkers’ small children very well. The blanket, balls, and swing set cardi would make wonderful gifts!

  14. Mello

    I would crochet for my daughter, Shelby! Definitely! She is knit & crochet worthy ^_^

  15. Jen B

    I’m a current knitter, but crochet has been calling out to me lately. My two kiddos would be the first victims — make that recipients!