Linda Permann’s Crochet Adorned

I’m thrilled to be the final stop on author Linda Permann‘s blog tour for her delightful book, Crochet Adorned!  If you have a penchant for turning wardrobe basics into boutique-worthy pieces, and you love quick crochet projects–then this book’s for you.  It’s fresh, fun and full of inspiration for even the most fickle of stitchers.  Here are a couple of projects to give you just a glimpse of what I mean.
Pretty Petals Tank

I love the subtle, floral punch Linda gives an otherwise plain tank top.

Like New Shoes

Just a few stitches give these flats a sweet look.

Q&A with Linda

VH: What, if any, influence did your former job as an editor of the beloved Adorn Magazine have on the projects and styling of your book?
LP: Our main focus with Adorn was embellishing and quick projects that multi-crafty people would enjoy making. While working on the mag (RIP), I always wanted to throw in a crochet project or two. It was so easy to throw in a beading or sewing project, because “anyone” could do those—but I think that anyone can crochet, too. I want crochet to be one of those crafts that everyone can do when they need/want to—so I liked the idea of doing little bits of crochet, the juxtaposition of fabric and crocheted lace/motifs/trims really hilights the hand work.
As for the styling and photography, I owe that to my lovely art team—they did a wonderful job! They practically read my mind and made the book look just how I envisioned it, without a whole lot of discussion, and I’m really pleased with the results.
VH: Are there particular types of yarn that you feel crochet up into the best embellishments?
LP: I think almost any yarn can work for an embellishment, but it there are a few things to consider when choosing the yarn. First off, there’s yarn weight (the thickness of the yarn). If you’re crocheting a project for a tee, you probably don’t want a super huge bulky embellishment. I mostly chose yarns that were DK weight and lighter, and I recommend saving thick yarns for coat, bag, and hat embellishments.

The second thing to consider is fiber content. In my world, the reality is that I don’t usually have time to hand-wash things. Especially things like t-shirts. So, I tried to use a lot of washable yarns in the book. I still probably wouldn’t put any of these projects in the dryer (to reduce any chance of shrinkage) but having washable stuff means having wearable stuff.
VH: What do you think the biggest misconception about crochet is amongst the fashion forward set?
LP: I always hear that it’s stiff and stands up on its own—totally untrue! If you work with nice yarns and use an appropriately sized hook, you can create a wonderful drapey garment. Crochet lends itself to really pretty openwork and lace patterns, and I tried to make projects that highlight those strengths.
VH: Since jersey is probably the most common, casual fabric right now, would you mind sharing with our readers your tip on working with stretchy fabrics?
LP: My best tip is simple: go slow and take your time when it comes to sewing your embellishments in place. Generally, hand sewing is best. Although it’s tempting to zip througha project by sewing on trims with a machine, if you mess up, it can be a real pain to rip the sewn thread from the yarn. Keep your stitches a little loose so that the jersey has room to stretch if you’re embellishing an area where the garment needs to stretch (ie a neckline).
VH: What do you hope that people take from your book, that they may not find in other crochet books?
LP: I hope people get inspired to use the motifs/trims and stitch patterns in their own ways—which is why I included so many extras in the stitch dictionary. I’d love for the book to help people who want to tap into their inner designer. Crochet is a lot of fun when you improvise, and even though I give thorough step by step instructions, I hope readers feel free to make changes where they see fit, and even venture into their own design ideas.
Get your very own FREE copy of Crochet Adorned!  Post your favorite item to adorn (Pillows? Bags? Something unexpected?) on this blog, and I’ll choose a winner at random.
Happy Hooking!,

45 Responses to “Linda Permann’s Crochet Adorned”

  1. DrChopSuey

    Hi Vickie!

    I love the tank! I have never tried crochet so if I got this book I would be inspired to try it! Between your book and this one I’m thinking about picking up it up!


  2. Corvus

    When it comes to adorning things, I most definently lean towards clothes. Love that tank top!


  3. laila aka rawfish

    i like to think about how i can mix crochet with a multitude of other medias: vintage jewelry, vases, sweaters, logs… i even use crochet to embellish my crochet pieces! haha.

    love the idea of using crochet as trim for cute flat shoes!! that is brilliant.

    thanks for sharing all these cool tips! 😀

  4. Danna

    When I was in high school I took a pair of my brother’s old jeans and cut them off into shorts. Then I embroidered a flower on the leg and a heart on the back pocket. They were my favorite shorts ever. Plus I think I was the only girl in my school wearing boy jeans in the late 80’s! 🙂

    I don’t know how to crochet, but I think that small projects like are in this book would be a great place to start. If I don’t win I will definitely be buying this book.

    Thanks! Danna

  5. gardienne

    I love the idea of embelishing t-shirts but I think I would start trying to figure out ways to dress up all those canvas tote bags I’ve collected!

  6. Brandy

    My favorite thing to adorn is definitely tshirts! It’s great because I have a one of a kind original!

  7. Sursi

    Clothing is the best, but especially children’s clothing. You can make something simple or hand-me-down into something really special with just a few minutes and very little money. And its a great way to fix stains. This is a great book.

  8. Victoria

    I love to adorn shirts, cardigans, and sometimes purses, by making a crocheted pin or brooch. It’s just a quick and easy way to punch up something that can be bland.

  9. Anonymous

    Danna’s comment reminded me of when I was in high school (40 years ago!), I embroidered on my fave jeans–very low hip huggers (more hip to hug today), hearts and flowers and my name!

    In fact, I’d probably adorn jeans now! But they’re not as low and have a bit of spandex…


  10. Scotty

    Lately I’ve been into adorning onesies for my 8 month old daughter. It’s cheap, quick, and making her fashion-craft-baby. This looks like a great book. I hope I win.

  11. Elora

    I would like to adorn my wall, that is, use the motifs to create a wall hanging, maybe framed?

  12. Chloe

    I wish I could say some profound use for crochet embellishments, but I think embellishing clothes that you can wear has to be the best. Take a cheap or unloved/notuseful top and embellish it and you have something mice to wear for not a lot of money. Then, embellish a boring purse or tote, your shoes, etc. to go with it!! Wonderful!!

  13. Megan

    I think I’ll be up for adorning bags, for grown-ups, and all kinds of clothes for little ones!

  14. Sarah

    Baby/little kid clothes are the most fun to embellish! But the trees are going to find a home on a blah sweater of mine, and the motifs on the red top will be perfect for my daughter.

    Gotta have this book! Thanks for the giveaway chance.

  15. Michelle (mla1111)

    I love all of the products you have adorned here! I am a big papercrafter so I love to adorn cards and scrapbooks pages with crocheted embellishments!

  16. Betsy

    I’ve just adorned three rocks using the pattern in the new Crochet Today. I picked up the rocks by the lake at a recent vacation, so it’s a great memento of my trip!

  17. Angie

    I would have to say tote bags. Our local craft store sells nice sturdy canvas tote bags for around $1.00 and I love to have my kids paint and decorate them. I think there is a project in the book for embellishing tote bags that would be nice for me to tote around town with.

  18. BellaKarma

    I’d love to have this book to help get my ass-in-gear when it comes to being crafty again! I have so many ideas of how I want to embellish handbags – I just need to find the time!

  19. evergreenknits

    I LOVE that tank!

    I’ve been using crochet more and more to finish off my knitted garments (mostly camis), and I’m looking forward to branching out and using crochet more on things that I’ve bought, too. I especially like gardeinne’s idea of dressing up those canvas tote bags …

  20. darcetta

    My favorite things to adorn used to be anything with a boo-boo (stain, tear, etc). Now that I have a 7 month old all my creative energy is going into making things for her. Since crafty-time is limited to nap-time, small projects are the only practical choice. I could use some inspiration when trying to make that generic “Princess” screened onesie into something I want my gal to wear in public. 🙂

  21. Nicole

    I’m almost done sewing myself a lunch bag and I think I’m going to pretty it up with some crocheted flowers. I’ll definitely have to check out this book!

  22. brownbear

    I love that tank top! My favorite things to adorn (other than my walls) would be clothing for all my baby nephews and niece. I usually embroider cuteness onto store bought items for them.

  23. Candi

    I have not embelleshed anything yet. I would love to work on some tank tops for both me and my daughter. I’ve just been very timid and worried about how it would look. I am putting this book on my Christmas list. Can’t wait to see it!

  24. Katy

    I have a five-year old daughter, and she loves for me to adorn things for her. I would love to have this book! Thanks!

  25. Gerry

    I love to crochet. Just recently I’ve taken to adding edging to pillowcases. It’s been a long time since it was commonplace and I’m ready for that ‘fashion’ to become popular again. I’m doing my part by crocheting edges.
    Totes and bags – I’ve knitted and crocheted a pile of ’em lately and they’re waiting for crocheted embellishments.

  26. caroline

    I love putting little flowers or adornments on purses, on hair clips, even on presents.

    I can’t wait to try some of Linda’s ideas!

  27. Anonymous

    I love the tank top. I don’t know how to crochet yet but I would like to know how to make edging on baby blankets or shawls.

    Knittingdancer on Ravelry

  28. Cynthia

    I love to adorn little baby caps
    I knit or crochet and donate. A
    few simple crocheted flowers really
    make a hat special.

  29. Erin M. Evans

    im a huge sucker for adorning bags, i love getting them at thrift shops and then bringing them home and making them totally me!! i have to agree with everyone else, i love the tank top!!!

  30. jillnjosh

    I have a long upper torso, and I need somewhere for the eye to focus. Creating anything to put in that area is a must for me. Looks like this wonderful book might be just what I need.

  31. Neza

    I like to adorn clothes that seem too plain, like t-shirts, skirts and cardigans, but also hats and bags. It’s a good way to recover damaged clothes that i don’t want to throw away, like a moth eaten woolen cardigan or a shirt with stains. And it makes an item much more interesting and colourful too.
    Thank you for this giveaway!

  32. Chicago Sarah

    crocheting was my first crafting, left behind for sewing and knitting, but this book is inspiring me to dig out the crochet hooks again. What a lovely giveaway!

  33. K

    I’ll embellish anything from underpants to hair bands. everything is better embellished and adorned 😀

  34. Debbie

    Hi! Great book – I’d love to win it. My fav thing to adorn is ME! I have to wear a uniform at work, so I have to jazz it up with accessories. Thanks for the contest. Debbie