Lemon Drop Scarf!

Photo: Jennifer Perkins

Made with 3 balls of ROCK in color: Jeremy and 1 ball in “Trent”

In Austin, there are maybe 2 weeks total out of the year that a heavy-weight scarf is wearable. I enjoy the neck decor though (and you know, also the knitting of it) so, I whipped up the Lemon Drop: a light, lacy scarf made with VHC Rock yarn.

A larger needle and dropped stitch pattern makes for a quicker knit, coupled with a tighter seed stitch stripe for added cinching and waviness.   Try it, you’ll like it!  I mean, I’m not comparing my Lemon Drop to the candy or the martini but if the best things in life are free, then this pattern definitely qualifies.
Get it as our gift to you with purchase of Rock yarn!  Can’t find the VHC Collection of yarn at your local yarn store?  No problem!  Click this button to snag supplies for this scarf, now.

Happy knitting!
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Find it under my contributions or in my projects section.  Username: VickieHowell.

6 Responses to “Lemon Drop Scarf!”

  1. Nim

    I am staunchly and stoically wearing my knit things here in Austin. I refuse to let them languish for 50 weeks, and I can’t bear to not make more. 😀

    I think I have a knitting problem, but I’m stoically ignoring that, too.

  2. Brianna

    I saw this on your Flickr page and loved it. I think it’s beautiful and the photography shows it off well. Beautiful design.

  3. loopykd

    Wow! The colors, pattern, and the entire look are completely awesome. I am definitely gonna cue this up in Ravelry.