Knitwear of the Oscars

Knitwear of the Oscars by Vickie Howell

Knitwear of the Oscars

It’s impossible to be a knitter and not notice any and every piece of knitwear that shows up in a TV show (do we still call them that with steaming?) or film. For years I wrote regular “Movie Monday” posts featuring the yarn-made garments, accessories and home decor items that I spied in whatever I was watching. Although I’ve long since stopped writing about them, I most definitely haven’t ceased gleefully noticing on-screen stitch wear.

Since the Oscars are this weekend, and I’ve seen all but two out of the nine Best Picture nominees, and many from other categories, I thought it’d be fun to settle into my old ways for a spell by highlighting just some of the knit and crochet pieces from *this year’s Academy honored films. Oh, and a huge shout-out to all of the amazing costume designers who’ve seen fit to include knitwear in their work!

Knitwear of the Oscars: Best Picture

Little Women (Sony Pictures, Costumes by Jacqueline Durran)

Photo courtesy of Sony Pictures

Knitwear of the Oscars: Little Women

Beth, Jo, Meg, and Amy wearing Fair Isle mittens and a ruffled scarf. Photo courtesy of Sony Pictures.

Little Women is a veritable feast for the knitwear lover’s eyes! From the shawl-turned-chest-wrap donned by many of the women in this film to the frilly collars to intricate Fair Isle mittens, wool was so well represented in this film that I could write an entire ode just to this one movie. 
Suggested Patterns:

1917 (Universal Pictures, Costume Design by David Crossman and Jacqueline Durran)

Colonel Mackenzie in Seed stitch tie. Photo courtesy of Universal Pictures


Seed stitch tie. Photo courtesy of Universal Pictures

1917 was a masterpiece of film-making. Beautiful, heart-wrenching, and epic. The cherry on top, though was when Benedict Cumberbatch’s character turned to not only reveal the stunt-casting of his cameo but also, a knit tie. <insert slow clap.>

Suggested Pattern:

  • Tye-phoon from AwareKnits by Vickie Howell & Adrienne Armstrong


The Joker (Warner Bros, Costume Design by Mark Bridges)

Sophie in shawl collar cardigan. Photo courtesy of Warner Brothers.

The Joker really only had glimpses of knitwear but sweater, I saw you. Girl, though, I would need a cozy cardigan, too if I were being stalked by an unfed Joaquin Pheonix! 

Suggested Pattern:

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (Sony Pictures, Costume Design by multiple)

Knitwear of the Oscars

Pussycat in crochet halter and fringed bag. Photo courtesy of Sony Pictures

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood used crochet expertly to evoke the hippie spirit of Manson Family member, Pussycat. Actress Margaret Qualley, as the character, wore several pieces throughout the film, including this halter top, and cross-body fringed bag.

Suggested Patterns:

Jojo Rabbit (Fox Searchlight, Costume Design by Mayes C. Rubeo)

Knitwear of the Oscars: Jojo Rabbit

Rosie in a striped, ruched top. Photo courtesy of Fox Searchlight


Knitwear of the Oscars: Jojo Rabbit

Rosie in chevron jacket. Photo courtesy of Fox Searchlight


Scarlet Johansson was a delight as Rosie in Jojo Rabbit. The sweaters she wore as the character, though were <insert me kissing fingertips to mwah!> I mean look at those artfully ruched sleeves on the stripy pullover! And, anyone who says chevrons are over, needs to get schooled by this cardigan. Perfection!

Suggested Patterns:


Marriage Story (Netflix, Costume Design by Mark Bridges)

Knitwear of the Oscars: Marriage Story

Nicole in ribbed cardi. Photo Courtesy of Netflix

In Marriage Story the ribbed cardigans worn by Scarlet Johansson’s character Nicole felt like the physical manifestation of a much-needed hug. A good cardigan does the same for me from time to time. 

Suggested Pattern:

  • Cardigan i Patent by Helga Isager


Knitwear of the Oscars: Actor in a Supporting Role

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood (Sony Pictures, Costume Design by Arjun Bhasin, Sweater Knitting by Yasemin Esmek)

Knitwear of the Oscars: A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

Fred Rogers in Stockinette cardigan. Photo courtesy of Sony Pictures


Knitwear of the Oscars: A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

Fred Rogers in Stockinette Stitch pullover. Photo courtesy of Sony Pictures


Who is Mister Rogers without his iconic sweaters? In A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood the knitwear itself, along with Tom Hanks, could’ve been nominated for their supporting role!

Suggested Patterns:


Knitwear of the Oscars: Actress in a Supporting Role

Richard Jewell (Warner Bros, Costume Design by Deborah Hopper)

Knitwear of the Movies: Richard Jewell

Richard Jewell in Fair Isle and intarsia sweater. Photo courtesy of Waner Bros

Richard Jewell is the only film in this post that I’ve yet to see. However, I’d be an irresponsible knitter if I were to not give a mention to this sweater spectacle! Why flamingos, you ask? Well, dear reader, I say, why not?!

Suggested Patterns:

Knitwear of the Oscars: Writing (Original Screenplay)

Knives Out (Lionsgate,  Costume Design by Jenny Egan)

Knitwear of the Oscars: Knives Out

Aran sweater and ribbed pullover. Photo courtesy of Lionsgate


Knitwear of the Oscars: Knives Out

Ransom Drysdale in an Aran pullover (aka jumper). Photo courtesy of Lionsgate.


Knitwear of the Oscars: Knives Out

Marta Cabrera in rainbow scarf. Photo courtesy of Lionsgate


If there was an Oscar being given out for best-wearing-of an Aran Sweater, Chris Evans would win it by a landslide. I mean, this piece deserves its own Twitter account! But I digress.

There are a few sweaters, scarves and accessories in this movie which, for me, just added to the fun of this joyride of a film.

Random side note: In 2012 I got to interview Director Rian Johnson when he was promoting his film Looper. You can see that here.

Suggested Patterns:

Thanks for walking with me on this trip down Knitwear of the Oscars lane. Enjoy watching the Academy Awards this Sunday evening! 


*Although I’ve seen all but one of the films shown here, I’ve by no means seen all of the films nominated across all categories, so it’s likely that I’ve missed pieces and/or couldn’t find photography to represent them. I also only listed each movie under one category, although many were nominated multiple times. This article is meant as a film-and-knitwear-design fangirl post only.

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  1. Jackie

    Great blog, Vickie

    Thanks so much. I’m sure it took some time to put this all together.


  2. Lorena

    Love this article!!
    I have my “yarn eyes” working all the time, always trying to spot a good pattern, crochet or a knit, lol! btw, the link for the Love Triangle shawlette is not working. Very nice ideas

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    Thanks, Vickie! I appreciate the time you took to do this. Tried not to be tempted by all this eye candy; gotta finish my let’s see…. 6 projects already going. I’m NOT a fast knitter!

    • Vickie Howell

      LOL! There’s no shame in unfinished projects. Just work on what you enjoy. 🙂