Knitwear in Movies: I Spy a Scrooged Scarf

The poster for the 19th film adaptation of Dicken’s classic reveals not only it’s November ’09 release and leading man but also a gloriously prominent (albeit digitally rendered), knitted scarf.  Should I get to pattern writing before Christmas yet to come?
Read more about the new A Christmas Carol movie here.

4 Responses to “Knitwear in Movies: I Spy a Scrooged Scarf”

  1. Jennifer

    Well, sure! Since it’s not like you’ll have a new baby around to keep you otherwise occupied 😉

  2. D

    Yes! Yes! Write a pattern! I’d love to make a scarf like that for this winter!

    Actually, there are so many cool scarf patterns that it is going to be hard not to make one for each day. But still . . . pattern please 😀

  3. Heather

    ooh looks like it would be fun and maybe a bit challenging. where ever do you find the time Vickie?