A Conversation with Knitty Magazine Founder, Amy Singer

Amy Singer

Amy Singer: Knitty Magazine Editor and Publisher

This week I talked with Amy Singer — the editor and publisher of Knitty, the longest-living, online knitting magazine. Amy’s publication gave me my first break as a designer back in 2003, and our paths have crossed many, many times since then. We talked about her guest spot on a TV show I used to host, her allergy to a material some would consider crucial in the knitting and crochet industry, what the genesis was for her launching a web zine pre-mainstream blog and social media days, how crowd funding completely changed her business, and about how some somewhat common –although not often-enough discussed — women’s health issues can really harsh a gals’ creative mellow. Amy is smart, open, and always fun to chat with. 

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2 Responses to “A Conversation with Knitty Magazine Founder, Amy Singer”

  1. Heather

    Thank you Cickie and Amy for your segue into the uterus at the end of the episode. I’m scheduled for a laparoscopic hysterectomy on Tuesday. I find as women we are given lots of preparation as young girls , but we are left to figure it all out on our own at the other end. We need more opened, discussion amongst peers, like you had!
    I spent all of last spring saying, “oh, I’ll be o.k.” “This is probably normal, I am 45 after all..” I was bleeding non stop at varying degrees of flow for weeks and weeks. A d&c and finding out I was not a candidate for ablasion and we are at the big H. I’m cool with it, but boy, oh boy – I have found only the women who have had surgery willing to not get all weirded out and antsy.

    Anyhow. Thank you. Thank you!

    • Amy

      My first instinct was to keep my mouth shut about it on social media, and then I realized that everyone does that and it’s not helping ANYONE. Plus, i’m good at talking. Have few filters :). I’m glad if it helps. Don’t be scared. If you have a good surgeon, you’ll be good. Just push for a laparoscopic (vaginal) procedure, if your circumstances will allow. That will mean the fastest healing. xo