Knitty Gritty Pattern: Libby Bailey’s Christmas Boot

Christmas Boot Canister, by Libby Bailey


1 8oz skein worsted weight acrylic yarn

Size 7 straight needles

1 empty container appropriate to the size of the boot top

1 tapestry needle

(optional) desired decorations and/or ribbons

Stitches used: stockinette and reverse stockinette

Note: make 13 5×5 squares (approximately)


Cast on 22 stitches (less if you want a smaller boot)

Row 1: (RS) K4, *P2, K4; repeat from * to the end of the row

R2: P4, *K2,P4; rep. from * to the end of the row

R3: repeat row1

R4: repeat row 2

R5: repeat row 1

R6: repeat row 2

R7: repeat row 2

R8: K4, *P2, K4; repeat from* to the end of the row

Repeat these 8 rows 3 more times (total of 4 sets), then repeat row 1 one more time. Bind off in the pattern. This edge will be your finished edge when assembling the squares to make the finished boot.

Joining the squares:

1. Using any stitch your are comfortable with (I used the blanket stitch), join 2 squares at the cast on edges. Be sure to match the pattern on the squares. The bound-off edges are at the top and the bottom of these pieces.

2. Join 1 square perpendicular to the 2 you have just joined. The bound-off edge is at the bottom. With 3 more squares, make a separate piece which is a mirror image of the 3-square piece you just made. Note: Be sure to match the patterns. You will now have two “L” shaped pieces.

3. Making a third piece, join the 7 remaining squared in a straight-line piece. Make sure that the bound-off edges are at the top of this string of squares and at the bottom of this string of squares.

4. With right sides facing inward, join the vertical string of squares to the 2 “L”-shaped pieces, one “L”-shaped piece on each side of the vertical string of squares. Be sure to match the pattern as you sew the pieces together. You should end up with a boot-shaped finished product.

5. The top of the boot should now have a complete finished edge.

6. If you like, lace ribbon(s) around the upper part of the boot .

7. Stuff the toe of the boot with polyfil to make it rounded and reasonable firm.

8. Place an empty canister into the top of the boot.

9. Fill the empty canister with Christmas candy, ornaments, candy canes or anything festive. (I used several different flavors of candy canes.)

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  1. Anonymous

    I can’t find the pattern anywhere for the Teen Scene slippers from Season 8 episode 8, HELP PLEASE! xo Alex

  2. Melinda E

    i am trying to imagine what it would look like b4 i do it is there a pic somewhere/