Knitty Gritty on HGTV!

This just in…as of November 27th, Knitty Gritty will begin airing on Mondays on HGTV at 11amET/10amCT/8amPT. Tune in for Season 2 repeats AND never been aired Season 5 episodes! This is an awesome opportunity for the show to be seen by those who don’t have digital cable or satellite television.
Oh, and as always, Knitty Gritty will continue to air daily on DIY Network.

Also on both networks, the DIY Holiday Open House special that I co-hosted with Jennifer Perkins (Craft Lab) Cathie Filian & Steve Piacenza, Michele Beschen (B. Original), Amy Devers & Karl Champley (DIY to the Rescue), and Ahmed Hassan (The Dirt on Gardening), will air simultaneously on both DIY AND HGTV on November 24th. Check your local listing for times!

Pssst!…pass it on.

Crafty kisses,

9 Responses to “Knitty Gritty on HGTV!”

  1. Jocelyn

    That’s great news. Our Comcast affiliate dropped DIY just as the new episodes finally started airing a couple of months ago 🙁

  2. sparkli

    awesome… i am constantly being asked by my west coast friends about knitty gritty when i talk about it.

  3. Vickie Howell

    Jenni–I think they just haven’t updated their site yet. Originally, we weren’t supposed to be on HGTV until January, so this is all kind of of last minute. I e-mailed the network though, to give them the heads up. Thanks for catching that! xo, Vickie

  4. Kendra

    I just wish that HGTV would get hip the idea that not all people who are crafty are SAHMs and retirees, *sigh*. I guess I will look forward to watching on the odd day that I take off work. and the occasional weekend airing that I stumble over.


  5. Anonymous

    oh Im soooo glad…I only saw DIY at my parents’ home, but I do have HGTV…any chance it will air evenings??? Or possibly rerun on weekends?