Knitty Gritty Knitsters!

Well folks, it’s time for the last (new) Knitty Gritty hoorah.  Our one-hour specia we shot last year, Knitty Gritty Knitsters, finally airs this Thursday, July 3rd at 9:30amPT/11:30amCT/12:30pmET!

Whether you gather a group at your house for a little screening brunch, or Tivo it to watch on your own later, I hope you’ll tune in because the special benefits one of my favorite charity organizations, Warm Up America.  
I traveled the country collecting squares (that would be pieced together to form blankets) from Knitsters everywhere from Charleston, South Carolina to Los Angeles, California.  We chatted with fellow stitchers ranging from 20-something indie musicians who knit in between gigs, to great-grandmothers who can’t remember a time in their lives when they weren’t holding a pair of needles.  I shot the knit with Tori Spelling and Dean Mc Dermott’s at their wine country Bed & Breakfast, tagged the streets of Houston with hand-knit yarn cozies, ate gourmet goodies and supply shopped with my friend Lisa Loeb, and hit the ground skating with the Naptown Roller Girls (who all knit before derby bouts).
I had a blast working on this project and hope you’ll enjoy seeing the range of people in our country who have one, craftastic thing in common: a love for the knit.
As always–knit loud, knit often!
P.S.  Gone for the holiday weekend already?  Not to worry, here’s the re-air schedule:

18 Responses to “Knitty Gritty Knitsters!”

  1. Liz

    At long last. I’m eager to see an hour showcasing your knitting, creativity, ingenuity, charm, savvy and wit as you introduce us to the work and stories of other knitsters.

  2. Renna

    Thank you so much for posting about this. I rarely turn on my tv (live at my computer), so I’d have missed this special for sure!

    I want to thank you so very much for the lovely yarn you sent me for being one of the first to write about having the podcast thingie on my blog. I LOVE the yarn, and know I’ll be wanting to buy some in the future.

    Again, thank you!!!

  3. Theresa

    I’m so looking forward to this special! It makes me very sad, however, that Knitty Gritty won’t be renewed for new shows. I learned soooo much from the show – and especially YOU. Your true personality really shined…plus, the show was just so much FUN! I’m happy to keep up to date on everything you’re doing through this website. I’m excited about your eco-knit book most of all. And I adore all your little video bits that you maintain here on the blog (Behind the knitter was truly a blast!).
    Keep on doing great things, Vickie!

  4. Monet

    Woo Hoo!!! Can’t wait til Thursday!!!!!

    I love watching all the past episodes and even have my mom and best friend hooked on them now.

    Keep up the awesome work will all that you do!

  5. Jaime

    friggin finally!!!! it feels like i’ve been waiting a lifetime for this episode to air–and it happens to be airing on my wedding anniversary. it’s like karmic fate.

    and i just watched your “behind the knits” hy–ster–ical.

    you so rock my socks!

  6. diva mcknitster

    i can’t wait to see the new show – one last hurrah!

    i also caught some new (maybe to me?) stylicious! i love the crafters on that show and learned so much.

  7. Anonymous

    I am so glad that we’re finally getting to see this episode! I truly enjoyed Knitty Gritty and am currently enjoying your podcast, now that I have my first mp3 player…Also, I recently bought some of your Love yarn and it is so fantastic and soft – I can’t wait to find the perfect project for it! On a stunned note, I have noticed that no Knitty Gritty episodes are set to air for at least the next two weeks on DIY. Is that permanent, or are they just taking a little break? When my last Tivo unit died, I lost all of my favorite episodes I had been saving and I am desperate to get them back! I will miss your sunny presence on TV, but will look forward to the other ways you contribute to knitting and other crafty stuff. Thanks so much!!!!!


  8. Gladys

    I was able to watch this morning – a great show and well worth the wait!

    And a reminder to me that I’ve made several squares for Warm Up America – and need to get to work on more!

  9. Liz

    I watched. Very enjoyable and very well done – you and the guests and segments were terrific. It was very well “knit together” – the seams were invisible!! You should be very proud!

  10. Whitney

    Vickie! I really enjoyed the special, although it was a bittersweet moment at the end, when I realized this was the end of a great run for Knitty Gritty! The special reminded me how important charity knitting is, too, and my daughters and I are knitting squares this weekend for Warm Up America. Thanks for all you did with KG for all of us (new knitters especially-I was so lucky to have found you shortly after I began to knit!). And thanks in advance for all you’ll continue to do for us in the future! YOU ROCK! Now off to Ravelry to post the re-air schedule for those who missed it…

  11. Beverly

    Thank you, thank you, thank you, for posting the times it would re-broadcast. I was devistated when I realized that I missed the show!

  12. 62cherry

    you know vickie i feel so sad about this and i have never ever seen a show
    we dont have pay tv at home so thats the reason why
    i will try to get a copy of the show online so i can see it

    nic and i (for mixtape) get people to make signature blocks when we have meets, one day soon i am gonna piece them all together and have one BIG friendship quilt.

    lots of love
    justine xx

  13. Catherine

    Thank you very much for posting the air time schedule because my dvr didn’t record. I have my suspicions of what happened but my children insist that they did not stop the recording. So when I did a search on that same day for the next airing, I was freaking out because the schedule didn’t show any future show times. I am sure that the schedule just wasn’t downloaded yet. Whew! I get a second chance!!!

  14. julie

    Thanks for posting the rebroadcast dates! I missed the first two!

    I’m going to miss Knitty Gritty. I learned so much from your show.

    There’s something great around the corner for you, I can feel it. When one door closes, another one opens!

  15. Catherine

    Okay, just had to post again. I was able to see the episode today. However the programming schedule was not correct so i had one of my sons record the shows in the 9:30 and 10:00 am time slot. It worked but I will try again on the 16th. I have Type A personality sometimes and I want to make sure i get the whole thing in one recording.

    Vickie! Thank you so much for doing this episode. i found it very informative and inspiring and interesting.

    Well, I guess we were not able to get Knitty Gritty back on the air but have you thought of doing a Youtube type broadcast? Yea, I am asking a lot considering you have your podcast already but a videocast would be awesome!

    Loyal Fan,

  16. sandition

    I thought the show was fab! But I felt very sad at the end knowing that that’s it for Knitty Gritty.

  17. Kelsey

    I loved the special! Where can I find a list of the people featured? I would really like to check out some of those indie bands!