Knitty Gritty Knits

It has come to my attention that DIY’s Knitty Gritty Knits (KGK), is filled with pattern errors. While it is common for knitting publications to have occasional errors, the number in the current printing of KGK is unacceptable. This is especially problematic since I am very aware that people rely on me, DIY and the publisher to deliver helpful and accurate information.

I would like to take this opportunity to apologize to anyone who has been inconvenienced due to these oversights, and to assure you that we’re working to fix all of the book’s problems. There will be a complete errata posted on both the Vickie Howell and the Sterling/Lark Publishing websites, as soon as they are produced by a technical editor. Updates will also be posted on my blog (

I would also like to respond to specific questions that I have received regarding my involvement in creating Knitty Gritty Knits. I was simply hired to write the introduction, answer general questions during manuscript development, and provide feedback on laser pages. This truly was my first and last time lending my name to a project I didn’t have a large part in creating.

I appreciate your understanding and support in this matter.

Vickie Howell
Vickie Howell, Inc.

NOTE: As of 9/14/07, the Knitty Gritty Knits can be found here. Please pass the info along. Thanks!

10 Responses to “KNITTY GRITTY KNITS–Please Read!”

  1. Callie Karen

    Honestly Vickie, it’s ok! A lot of the patterns I had already printed off before the book came out, and I’m sure a lot of other people have did the same thing!

  2. susanc

    It’s okay Vickie. I know you take it personally, and I would too, when you lend your name to something and it turns out less than what you what have produced. After all, you ARE your brand.

    I know it will all be resolved and I’m sure everyone understands.

    Knit On!!!

  3. Jill H.

    Hi Vickie,

    Most people (should) know that anything with a big corporate logo on it isn’t going to have been created 100% by the person on the cover! You’ve done so much for the knitting world, and have so much info available on the internet that I can’t imagine people not being able to overlook this! Thanks for all you do, and here is an example of your value to me as a knitter: I recently bought Modular Knits by a knitting designer you had on your show, had so much trouble with the patterns and found out the book was filled with errors. So I tivod the episode (That’s So Mod) that you had with her, printed out the pattern from the diy website, and took notes while watching and was finally able to GET IT!! I learned so much from that. That means way more than a book with a few errors in it.

  4. chris

    Thank you for posting that on your blog. I know I appreciate it and I’m sure others will too.

  5. Lynne


    That was kick-ass! Thanks so much for your post. It’s so nice when people take the time to respond to issues like this.

  6. DebbieKnitter

    Vickie, the fact that you took the time to post this, just goes to show everyone what an outstanding woman you are. I can not possibly imagine that ANYONE would hold you personally responsible for the errors. I personally have the book (not knitted anything yet, but am getting ready to *giggle* and as long as I know I can get ahold of a spot that will list the errors and then the corrections,well, then I am one damn happy camper LOL. I have 2 particular knitting books that I have purchased (and they were NOT inexpensive) and they too have errors….the diference is, there is not ONE spot that you can find corrections. I spent WEEKS trying to find the errata, seriously. It was terrible AND I was in the MIDDLE of a particular pattern which STILL sits un-finished. I have located the errors and corrections but have no desire to do the pattern now and I can tell you one thing, I will NEVER purchase another one of her books….yours on the other hand, I have all of them and will continue to support you with not only your books/patterns BUT your yarns (which I loooovvvveeee)too.So, take it from a VERY windy and VERY chatty knitter/book & pattern hoe *sheepish grin*, I am sure I am not the only one who truly appreciates your honesty and your sincerity regarding this. Thanks and knit on!!

  7. Jen

    I purchased the book and so far *knock wood* have not had any problems. The thing that I find a bit ironic is that HGTV had your show on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings prior to this post in your blog and it looks like starting this week, it will only be on on Friday?! Coincidence?!

  8. Vickie Howell

    Thanks everyone, for the support. Such kind words, I really appreciate it!

    Jen- I didn’t know that. 🙁 Likely though, it has more to do with the fact that HGTV doesn’t run re-runs to the degree that DIY does and since we didn’t shoot this year, they’re probably running out of programming.