Knitting rocks! Literally.

With Kelley at Hill Country Weavers
Me with Kelley & Clover at the Hill Country Weavers’ garage, watching Schmillion play.
I knew my friend (The Breeders co-front woman & former Knitty Gritty guest) Kelley Deal was going to be in Austin for the SXSW music festival, but I wasn’t sure when or if I’d get to see her. Since the SXSW film festival runs simultaneously — and thusly I am for the time being a single mom of 3 (while my husband spends the week out seeing movies to review for his site, Smells Like Screen Spirit) — the option of me going to see her side project band, R. Ring play at a midnight show at some bar downtown, well, wasn’t an option at all. Le sigh.
Photo text from Kel, holding discontinued Rock yarn in color: Kim & Kelley.
Luckily though, the knitting Gods were with me! Yesterday as I finished loading the kids and groceries in the car at Whole Foods, I get a text from Kelley of the picture above. It’s a shot of the color in my former “Rock” line of yarn in the color I named after her and her twin, Kim! This was her way of letting me know she had arrived safely. AND, not only was she in Austin, but she was about to play an in-store (or out-store, as it were) at our local yarn shop which was just a few miles from where we were! So, with 3 kids in tow and frozen food in the trunk I zoomed on over. How could I resist?
Clover (the short one), creeping towards the front. In true tween/pre-teen style, my boys stayed in the back row.
I’m pretty sure that my daughter Clover, at age 2 1/2 is R.Ring’s biggest fan. It was her first, live music show and she was AMAZED. She slowly crept closer and closer to the stage, stopping periodically to turn to the audience and smile while pointing at Kelley. Her expression said it all, “Look at that bad-a*^ chick, playing guitar!” *swoon*. Be still my punk rock heart, I may have a future musician on my hands!
If you're near South Congress, come see @kelleydeal playing at Hill Country Weavers! #SXSW
Playing in the space that normally acts as part of the yarn shop.
Kelley is a true purveyor of knit and crochet, so playing a show surrounded by yarn and tools is right up her alley.
Unfortunately, after only a few R.Ring songs the police came and shut the show down. Proving of course that after all these years of performing, Kelley’s still got it! 
Alright, I’ll end this post by sharing a link to my 2007 interview with Kelley from my podcast series, CRL. Give it a listen here.

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