Knitting Daily TV: Sweater Weather

This week-ish (airing times vary from market to market–check your local listings) on,  Knitting Daily TV with Vickie Howell we focus on Sweater Weather because man, is it ever right now! Here’s what to expect:


With Barry Klein


Studio Guests: Trendsetter Yarn’s, Barry Klein, and Knitscene Assistant Editor, Louisa Demmitt

Virtual Guest: Crochet Designer, Rhon Strong

Projects/Techniques: How to pick the perfect sweater for your next project; Hoodie Pattern from Corrina Ferguson.

Stitch Sampler: Co-host, Tanis Gray shows 2-colored corrugated ribbing.


Loose Ends: I show to cross-stitch a graphic rose onto crocheted fabric.


My favorite moment or thing I learned from the episode: Upon news of Corrina Ferguson’s flu, and with only a night to prepare KDTV production assistant (and Knitscene Asst. Editor) stepped up to the studio guest plate to teach the project — she did a fantastic job!


With Knitscene’s, Lousia Demmitt


Check your local listing for airing times, or get the whole season on DVD or digital download here!


Tune in; knit on!


18 Responses to “Knitting Daily TV: Sweater Weather”

  1. Jill Niemiec

    Hi Vicki, The new season of Knitting Daily has been fantastic! My local listing is a week ahead of your post. Can you tell me where I can find the pattern for the Corrina Ferguson sweater in the episode before this one? It’s the one where the short row hood was being demonstrated. Thanks!!

    • Vickie Howell

      Sorry, Gunda. I’m unfamiliar with that pattern. I’d recommend contacting Crochet Concupiscence via comment on her bog. HTH!

  2. Ellen

    I cannot seem to find the pattern for the Lochlan Chevron Stitch Hoodie as promised on the show. Seems others are having the same problem. The Knitting Daily site just says coming soon.

    • Jill Niemiec

      I guess the comments on this blog are being ignored. Too bad,I really enjoyed it and Knitting Daily.

  3. Diane P. Shepherd

    you wore a shawl on your knitting daily show on 3.25.15, it was knitted in multi colors an I would love to have the pattern, if possible, alsothanks I just love your show, thanks

  4. Ellen

    Appears that comments are still being ignored. Athey are ignored on the Knitting Daily TV with Vickie Howell blog also. I’d be concerned if the blogs with my name in them had fans upset.

  5. Vickie Howell

    I accidentally had comment alerts turns off from the last time I ran a contest, so I missed these until now. I have no control over the KDTV site, but I apologize for the inconvenience on mine.

    I’m in the middle of school drop-offs for the next little while, but I’ll come back with answers to your questions later today. Thanks for your patience!

  6. Barbara

    What is the chevron cardigan pattern shown in the 1405 episode with Barry Klein?

  7. Marielle

    Last week I caught an episode where a double mitre was demonstrated. I would very much like to have the specifics of that.