Knitster Notes

Hey all.  Hope you’re holiday weekend was cracktastic!  Wait, that doesn’t sound right.  What I mean is, that I hope you had a blast watching fireworks with your friends and family…which in no way should’ve involved actual Crack.  Crack is wack, yo.  Ok, then.

I’ve gotten e-mails asking for links to people/things mentioned in Knitty Gritty Knitsters and noticed that DIY didn’t include show notes on their website so, I thought I’d go ahead and just do that here.  I was only a part of the segments that I was physically on camera for though, so this links list was made from the info I could dig up on the web after watching the special myself (meaning, I apologize if I’ve left someone out or don’t have the scoop you’re looking for).
Ok, here goes (in order of appearance):
Althea Merback (miniature knits)
Pate Conaway (ginormous knits)
Film School (band)
The Museum of Kitschy Stitches (book that sweater worn in Indie Band segment came from)
Space MTN (band)
Kelly DeMartino (musician)
Eskimohunter (band)
Lisa Gentry (Fastest Knitter)
Joy Kampia O’Shell (Crocheted Food)
Sweater I’m wearing in the last segment was designed by Robyn Chachula.  Pattern will be featured in my upcoming book, Pop Goes Crochet (Spring 2009)
Thanks for watching, everyone!
xo, Vic

5 Responses to “Knitster Notes”

  1. knitster

    Unfortunately not all cities are carrying this show, I looked for today’s viewing and it is nowhere to be found, so evidently KC decided to show it. Not fair. I loved the show and will miss it.

  2. Theresa

    Vickie, thanks SO very much for the links. I loved the special, especially the rock ‘n roller knitster segment; one of my favorite singers, Lisa Loeb; and, of course, the segment on Warm Up America. I’m encouraged now to gather up my knitter friends and family to whip up a batch of squares to send in. I had knit up a square on my own a way back, and sent it in, but it was very enlightening to see just how all these wonderful, different squares are joined together to make such lovely and needed blankets.

    I will so miss Knitty Gritty (by the way, I don’t think they ever ran one holiday episode last year – the one with your mom and several of your friends). It has influenced me so much.

    Thanks again, Vickie!!!

  3. Sydneyknits

    Great show. So nice to see something fresh and new. You would think with all the buzz around knitting and crochet networks would follow suit. I am going to “lose it” with a nail gun if I have to watch another home remodeling show.