Knits on a Scandal

Yesterday while working on a tank top for the summer issue of Knitty, I watched Notes on a Scandal (Cate Blanchett & Dame Judi Dench).  If you enjoy a well-written, well-acted and utterly juicy flick, I highly recommend this one.  As the title clearly states, this movie is centered around a scandal…well two, actually.  One, as a result of a desperate woman’s monumentally bad judgement call the other, an equally desperate woman’s psychological warfare spawned from years of self-oppression and related mental illness.  And as if the plotline weren’t enough to get thee logged-on to Netflix, this movie is also filled with knitwear!  That my movie-loving friends, is what us stitchers call a win-win situation.  Here are the knits I noted all worn by Cate’s character, “Sheeba”:

  • Pale pink, gossamer lace scarf
  • Simple, periwinkle v-neck pullover
  • Oatmeal and brown, crocheted scarf
  • Chunky, lilac mohair cardigan
  • Mosiac, lavender wrist warmers
  • Chocolate, machine-knit, cabled, over-sized button down.
Back to the knitting trenches!

8 Responses to “Knits on a Scandal”

  1. Roe

    I just DVR’d this movie a couple of weeks ago, now I have to finally just scoot the kids out of the room (Nickelodeon/Disney are apparently the only channels my living room TV is tuned into), sit down with the yarn bag, and watch it!

  2. LK

    A lot of love:
    Yes, I love the pale pink lacy scarf with the long jacket.
    Just found your blog – love it!
    Loved your show, too!

  3. JohannaM

    Love that movie, and yes, I did notice the knitwear! That’s something I always look for in movies!

  4. jen

    this is one of my fave movies for knitwear. sheeba’s clothing style in general, actually, suits me perfectly.